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Bleach: The 3rd Phantom

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Bleach: The 3rd Phantom

Sega / 2009-09-15

Role Playing Game

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Game Details

BLEACH: The 3rd Phantom delivers a whole new gameplay experience that gives players complete tactical control for the first time. Commanding a battle party of eight Soul Reapers, players strategize where to place team members on the battlefield and how best to empower each member with special tactical skills. The Nintendo DS-exclusive storyline reveals exciting details from before the start of the anime series and introduces fraternal twin Soul Reapers, Matsuri Kudo and her brother, Fujimaru. The powerful duo drives the exciting expedition through the spirit-filled world in over 30 hours of gameplay.

Fun unique levels

Fun unique levels
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Cooperate with other players

Cooperate with other players
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Compete with other players

Compete with other players
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Based on the popular manga written by Tite Kubo, Bleach The 3rd Phantom is a spin-off storyline in the Bleach universe written by Tite Kubo himself. The 3rd Phantom is not a fighting game, but a turn-based tactic game making it unique to the previous fighting Bleach versions.

Key Game Features:
  • Original Storyline Developed for the Nintendo DS. Two playable lead characters deliver two unique storylines, with over 30 hours of gameplay in Story mode alone.
  • Team-based Gameplay. Players select their teams from a cast of over 50 BLEACH characters and command them in battle.
  • Extensive Gameplay Modes. After completing Story mode, there are 30 levels in BLEACH Tower mode to explore and a wireless multiplayer battle mode for two players.
  • Unlockable Content. Players will unlock rare BLEACH items including Health Boosts, Spiritual Pressure enhancements, weapon items and hard-to-find BLEACH characters.

Fight with another team!
Two teams fight each others on an isometrically viewed battlefield. Similar to the previous Bleach games, when a character attacks an opponent the screen switches to a side view. If two teammates are near the same opponent, they can perform a tag team move more powerful than the basic ones which may make it easier to kill an enemy. The game also allows you to use kido and other special moves. Once the player has won the battle, his characters will earn experience points which will increase their stats and unlock new abilities.

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