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Tetris Worlds

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Tetris Worlds

THQ / 2001-09-05


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One of the most popular video games ever created, Tetris® has defined puzzle gaming for over a decade on every game system. Tetris is deceptively simple, yet, completely addictive. Small shapes called Tetraminoes fall from the top of the Playfield to the bottom. Players must rotate the Tetraminoes as they fall and fit them together to complete lines. When the player fills an entire line with blocks, that line is removed from the screen. If the player cannot complete lines, the blocks will eventually rise past the top of the screen and the game ends. Sound easy? Once you start, you can't stop.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Classic mode
At the main menu, highlight the "Marathon" option, then hold L and press Select. Enter the Marathon screen and select the "Popular" option to play the classic version of Tetris.

Control starting screen
At the main screen, you will see a "universe" spinning. Hold R to make it spin very fast. Hold L to make it stop, then rotate in the opposite direction.





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