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Shining Soul

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Shining Soul

Atlus Software / 2003-09-01

Role Playing Game

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Game Details

In ancient times, a great civilization was reduced to ashes by the Dark Dragon, the incarnation of destruction. After hundreds of years, a new people settled the land. But, the Dark Dragon arose to once again turn the towns into a sea of fire.

Only a small group of individuals knew of a means to confront theDark Dragon. They were the descendants of those whose homes were destroyed long ago. This group, known as the "Shining Fleet", tried to extend a helping hand to the people, who were unfamiliar in the ways of war. These descendants of the ancients went forth and challenged the Dark Dragon, equipped with weapons and knowledge handed down by their ancestors.

The desperate struggle between the Dark Dragon and these warriors dragged on, until they found themselves in the country of Runefaust, located in the southeast of the Rune Continent. Now, the final stage of the war is about to begin. Will the Shining Fleet, led by the strategist Noah, succeed in defeating the dragon's Five Generals as well as the Dark Dragon itself…?

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2006-08-02 00:00:00

ok when you are in a battle and next to a building and you go in it.If there are lots of monsters that are stronger than you you just hit the wall in front of then when you on other side its the easiest way to kill stronger mosters.....!!!!!!

p.s this will not work with wood walls

email me if you want more stuff for the game at


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Advance mode:
Successfully complete the game to unlock advance mode, which is a more advanced difficulty setting.






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