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Sea Trader

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Sea Trader

Jaleco / 2002-12-21



Game Details

Raise your sails and rouse your crew.

It's time to discover new lands on the first commodities trading game for GameBoy® Advance. Captain your own ship, with a band of wacky sailors at your command. Become the supreme Sea Trader™ as you trade in silk, grain, currency and black market goods to increase your wealth. Fight off pirates when they try to steal your goods, or even attack other ships to plunder their spoils. And when you're victorious, carousing is optional.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Materials award:
Transport 1,000 goods.

Pirate award:
Kill 100 pirates.

Trade Baron award:
Get a total of 100,000,000T in money.

Around The World award:
Circumnavigate the six charts of the world.




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