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Robopon 2: Ring Version

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Robopon 2: Ring Version

Atlus Software / 2002-06-13



Game Details

After becoming the Legend1 of Porombo Island in the original game, Cody sets off to a new land, and a new tournament. Things take a turn for the worse when a violent storm destroys Cody's boat, and sends him adrift at sea. He awakens inside a shack in the land of Majiko-but all is not well. He discovers that the nearby lands are being terrorized by the Maskman and his cronies. In order to put things right, Cody must travel back 20 years into the past, and then return to the present.

Similar circumstances await in each new land that Cody visits. It soon becomes clear that his troubles are more than coincidental, and he unravels Majiko's many mysteries while challenging contestants in the tournament. Cody's rival, Bisco, follows him from Porombo Island and interferes throughout the quest. But is Bisco causing all these problems, or is someone else behind them?

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Battery Combinations

Boomer: Air + Air
Bulbot: Hyper + Hyper
Bulbot: Hyper + NiCD
Bulbot: Mangan + Air
Bulbot: Mild + Mangan
Bulbot: NiCD + NiCD
Bulbot: Normal + air
Bulbot: Normal + Mild
Bulbot: Normal + NiCD
Bulbot: Normal + Normal
Fighter: NiCD + Air
Granite: Mangan + Mangan
Hippon: Hyper + Mangan
Leaky: Mild + NiCD
Meddy: Mangan + NiCD
Sumito: Normal + Mangan
Ta-daa: Hyper + Mild
Timzup: Mild + air
Wobble: Normal + Hyper
Woolly: Hyper + Air




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