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Riviera: The Promised Land

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Riviera: The Promised Land

Atlus Software / 2005-06-28

Role Playing Game

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Long ago, a war between gods and demons (known as Ragnarok) erupted, and the world was thrown into a state of chaos. Asgard, overrun by demons, was on the brink of destruction. In desperation, the gods broke an ancient taboo. Sacrificing their very lives, they created black-winged reapers that came to be known as Grim Angels. Each wielding a godly weapon known as a ?Diviner,? the angels entered battle... Through their fierce resistance, the angels brought the war to an end. The demons were sealed away, but the gods would soon follow. However, the gods were able to leave behind their power in the heavenly isle of Riviera... They entrusted this promised land to the inhabitants to watch over until their return....

One thousand years have passed since the gods? demise... Signs of the demons? return have brought fear to this peaceful land. Without the gods, Asgard cannot withstand another war.

And so, The Seven Magi, proxies of the gods, made the decision to unleash the divine power of Riviera by actuating ?The Retribution.? The Magi selected black-winged agents of death wielding Diviners... Grim Angels... born anew for the first time in a thousand years. Now, two angels shall descend... to the sacred soil of Riviera...

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