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Razor Freestyle Scooter

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Razor Freestyle Scooter

Crave / 2001-11-14

Sports / Sports - Extreme


Game Details

Everyone knows that Razor scooters are the dopest ride around, with over 10 million scooters forecast for 2001. Now, Crave brings the hottest trend off the street and onto your Game Boy Advance.

Razor Freestyle is the opportunity to take your scooter into the funbox. Control urban thrashers who cut through massive, radical environments. Perform tight tricks, like no footers, tailwhips, tabletops and supermen. Add to the time bar by pulling off phat air on insane ramps and half-pipes. Grind ledges, high-flying wires, barrels, and benches. Collect tokens scattered throughout the each level to unlock the coolest parks and modes.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Status -- Password
Aircraft Carrier completed -- VDY3ZJ6LJVCQBF
Circus completed -- ZBF4GJ5VJVCQBF
Construction Site completed -- QHY4LJ2LHZCQBF
Scooter Park completed -- SBY5VJ4BJVCQBF
Shopping Mall completed -- QLY67J3BJVCQBF
Sports Stadium completed -- 7JY4GJZBJVCQBF




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