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Pokemon Emerald

Nintendo / 2005-04-30

Role Playing Game

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The Story Continues ...

Pokémon Emerald is storming onto Game Boy Advance with a vengeance. The third adventure to take place in the Hoenn region, Pokémon Emerald features all-new areas and exciting new plot twists.

The story begins when your character, a young aspiring Pokémon Trainer, moves to Littleroot Town. Crammed amid a truckload of boxes, our hero enters the foreign neighborhood eager to explore. Shortly into your journey a challenge arises and you must choose from three Pokémon -- Torchic, Mudkip or Treecko -- and begin a quest to become the world's best Pokémon Trainer.

Veterans of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire will recognize a lot of the locations in Pokémon Emerald, but many elements within the game have changed, the most exciting of which is the addition of the Battle Frontier. The locations and frequency of Pokémon are different, and you may even encounter a new Gym Leader in your journeys.

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Reply #1903

2010-07-14 00:00:00

hey im new but i was just wondring what is the best team 4 the elite 4

Reply #1902

2010-06-10 00:00:00

ok heres how i caught the regies:
Have a lv 39 vavibra a Lv 30 tropius and a Lv 90-100 pokemon with leftovers teach vavibra dragon breath and have tripoius that knows:Fly,magical leaf,razor leaf, ANY. go to the currents near pacifalog find the deep zone have a relicanth in front of ur party waillord in back go in find the brail read it if im right a earthquake will happen leave fly to lavarige go to the desert and go all the wat untill u get to a cave go in the brail says take 2 steps down and go to the left 2 steps. use rock smash go in save. now heres the catch weaken it with vivibra using dragon breath(bring revives and hyper potions) get it down to when its parylized swicth to Tropius if its in yellow near red use razor leaf untill its red when at red use fly till its down to a little bit of hp then switch with your big gun and throw ultra balls at it. it took me 3 times to catch it. go to regice in Deford surf up till where the people on the left on the island then go to the other side and surf up untill you get to a lady swimming go into the cave and walk around the edge of the cave catch regice then go to lily cove. by 100 ultra ballsand bike to the girl that gives you the berrys and go to the dude that examens the tomb if he says there might be a ancient tomb but i see no entrance you good walk in go to the brail and take 4 steps back use fly. use the same stratigie that u used on regirock. might take a little while

Happy hunting

Reply #1901

2010-06-03 00:00:00

To get latias you need must need a pokemon that knows surf, then go south of Mauville City, then use surf then go under Cycling road (under the biking area),it will take a while so be patient,buy some ultraball,or masterballs.Latias will escape, if she does go to the pokedex,and find where she lives,there's no specific place where she lives she moves to different places so keep checking your pokedex

Reply #1900

2010-03-31 00:00:00

This is a STRATEGY
ALso read ALL of it before tryng it.
To complete the game easily, choose Mudkip as your starter, when you get into the Petalburg Woods catch a shroomish. Train them both equally and thrash team aqua with Shroomish. Beat the first gym with Mudkip's Water Gun. Once it evolves and learns Mud Shot go to the second gym and beat Brawly. Catch a Zigzagoon and teach it Cut and Rock Smash. Go to the third gym and MAKE SURE YOU USE MARSHTOMP and beat up Wattson with Mud Shot. Next is lots of Numels and Team magma. Just thrash the numels to death with Water Gun. (NOT MUD SHOT Water gun is double Super Effective.) Thrash Flannery with Marshtomp and talk to the old woman who gives you an egg. Go to Vendanturf and smash the rocks in Rusturf Tunnel to gwt sternght, replace Tackle with it.Probably Shroomish would have evolved by now into Breloom if you trained it properly. Go to Rustboro and get an EXP Share from the Devon President then go to Petalburg, with the Breloom thrashing all the normal types with Mach Punch (Or Sky Uppercut if you've got it.) The TM that Roxanne gave you, Rock Tomb, teach Swampert (Or Marshtomp) it. Beat Norman. Get Surf from Wally's dad and teach Swampert it REPLACING Water Gun. Go to the Sixth Gym (The Keleclon that you find is optional. If the Egg hatches give the EXP share to the Wyanut.When it evolves it should know the moves that are listed at the part before the Elite Four. And then beat Winona with the Rock Tomb move. Beat Team Aqua with Breloom and then get the Giga Drain TM, Just down of Mt. Pyre. Beat Tate & Liza by using Breloom's Giga Drain on Claydol and Rock TOmb On Xatu. It'll take a few hits to beat, when Solrock or Lunatone come out keep using surf and giga drain. Beat them then beat team Magma with Swampert. Catch a Water pokemon with super Rod (I had Wailmer) Teach it Dive THEN beat team Aqua with Breloom. Beat Juan with Breloom, Teach the Water Pokemon Waterfall then go to the Sky Pillar. Catch Rayquaza. it is VERY HARD to catch so keep trying.


Rock Tomb
Earthquake (Or Mud Shot)

Giga Drain
Mega Drain
Mach Punch
Sky Uppercut

Mirror Coat
Destiny Bond

Rock Smash

Water Pokemon
Now finish Victory road and Whip sidney with Breloom, Beat Pheobe with Rayquaza, Beat Glaicia with a combination, be careful if the Ice moves hit Rayquaza it could do SERIOUS damage, be careful with Breloom as well. Have lots of Full Restores and Revives. Use Rayquaza against Drake and beat him, then Breloom against Wallace. Congrats, your the Champion.

Reply #1899

2009-07-16 00:00:00

Hey everybody. Here's a some good cheatsfor the Pokemon Emerald Game: 1. If you want a shiny Charzard, put a Rayquaza and Charzard in the daycare center and you will be given an egg that haches into a shiny Charmander.

2. The Cloning GLitch (note: if you have a master ball, you should probably give it to the pokemon that you want to clone. Pokemon can be cloned as many times as you want. Legendaries are not allowed to be cloned. Items attached to the pokemon can be cloned):
1.Beat the elite four.
2.Go to the battle tower in battle frontier and save.
3.Deposit the pokemon you want to clone in a empty box.
5.Withdraw the pokemon you deposited.
6.Go to the lady furthest to the right (muti room).
7.Talk to her.
8.Select any two pokemon in a open level challenge.
9.A two second pause will occur.
10.She will ask you if you want to save.
11.Say yes and Turn the game off before it finishes.
12.If it say a error occur, that's how you it worked.
13.Check your team and the boxes.

3.Here, I found out how to clone legendaries:1.Deposit two pokemon eligible for the battle tower and the legendarys you want to clone.

2.Get off the pc and save.

3.Get back on and withdraw all the pokemon and enter the two eligible pokemon to the lady closest to the pc.

4.She will ask if you want to save and say yes, there will be a long gap.

5.She will ask you if you want to overwrite your save file, say no.

6.Cut off your Gameboy without saving and cut it back on.

7.They should be in your party and pc, you can clone five at a time.

4. Catching Deoxys and Jirachi (both level 70):
1. Have pokemon with Flame body 1st in party
2. Have pokemon with Lightning Rod 2nd
3. Get 5 Nuggets, 4 Rare Candys, and 1 Max Revive
4. Trade with someone
5. Go to the place where Rayquaza is
6. go to the Peak(top) (already have Rayquaza)
7. There will be a hole near where Rayquaza was
8. Walk down path
9. use Strength on random bolder at end
10. Go down ladder
11.Use Rock Smash on Boulder
12. Under is a "Faded Rock"
13. Go to Place with Space Center
14. Go up to the White rock near Space Center
15. Press A
16. Will battle wild Jirachi Lv.70
17. Capture Jrachi!!!!!! (Only have 1 try!!!!)
18. Go to the Space Center (with jirachi)
19. No people will be there
20. go to 2nd floor
21. Battle wild deoxys lv.70

5. How to get Shedinja:
To get Shedinja, you must first catch a Nincada and have an empty space in your party. People say you need a Pokeball for it, but you do NOT. Shedinja copies the ball the Nincada was caught in. Anyways, with one empty space in your party, level up Nincada to level 20. It will evolve into Ninjask. When you check your party, you will see Shedinja sitting in the final slot, along with the Ninjask and 4 other Pokemon.

Reply #1898

2009-06-29 00:00:00

Lvl 100 Male: Swampert
Lvl 100 Famele: Ninetales
Lvl 100 Male: Flygon
Lvl 100 Male: Manectric
Lvl 100 Famele: Meganium
Lvl 100 Male: Alakazam

Reply #1897

2009-06-25 00:00:00

2 cach masingo, u need gameshark. turn it on then turn on all egg cheats then put a pokemon U DONT care abot in the daycare keep hatching eggs till u get him/her DONT nickame it VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT GET MASINGO IF U DONT NO ABOT HIS DANGERS!!!

CATCH MASINGO (??????????)
Reply #1896

2009-06-20 00:00:00

in da battle fronteir, especially the battle pike(seviper shaped building), if the wild pokemon r 2 strong den before u enter a challenge, use max repel. dis will stop wild poke fron getting 2 u during da callenge. as u cannot use items during a challenge, dis is very useful. e mail me 4 further info and cheats
Reply #1895

2009-06-01 00:00:00

For more infomation see pokemon colesem

Reply #1894

2009-06-01 00:00:00

Steal regular pokemon without using Gameshark: First snag every possible pokemon in Pokemon Coleseum
next talk to the woman at the entrance to mt.battle in Pokemon Coleseum. persway the woman to put the Snag Machine on the prize list next engage in battle mode once you have enough poke copons you will be able to prchase the snag Machine and send it to any GBA pokemon game
Note:this cheat will let you steal any pokemon that is not a shadow pokemon


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Telling the Berry Master's Wife the following phrases will get you berries. NOTE: You can only tell her one each day.
  • Durin Berry: COOL LATIOS
  • Spelon Berry: GREAT BATTLE
  • Belue Berry: SUPER HUSTLE





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