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Pinobee- Wings of Adventure

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Pinobee- Wings of Adventure

Activision / 2001-06-10



Game Details

Genius robotics engineer Grandpa Bee was almost finished creating Pinobee--a robotic bee designed to protect the world--when he was suddenly kidnapped. Now, as Pinobee, you face an incredible quest to rescue your creator and prove what you're made of. As a newly constructed robot bee, you've got all the makings for greatness: a sharp stinger, a jetpack on your back, and a nose for adventure. Walk, climb, jump, bounce, and attack your enemies by stinging them or blowing them to pieces from your flying dash.

You will explore nine fantastic 3-D worlds filled with obstacles, traps, secret areas, and collectible objects to help you on your quest. Get powered up to enhance your flying capacity, protect yourself from harm, increase your energy, or even stop the enemies from getting stronger. The game features multiple story lines and eight different endings. You can also trade items and power-ups with friends via the Game Boy Advance Game Link cable.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Stop enemy evolution
The game's enemies evolve to the next level and become stronger. To make the enemies easier to defeat, find the "Golden Enemy" and defeat him. This will prevent the other enemies from evolving

Get Dash
To get a Dash, find the fairy in some of the levels.




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