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Pinball of the Dead, The

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Pinball of the Dead, The

THQ / 2002-06-17


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Game Details

Inspired by Sega's popular House of the Dead franchise, The Pinball of the Dead challenges you to shoot, tilt, and flip your way across 3 boards in order to rescue citizens and destroy zombies. Each board features multiple tiers packed with challenges, hidden horrors, and vile bosses. Do you dare to enter the world of the Dead?

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Boss mode:
Kill 100 Bosses.

Sound test option:
Kill 1,000 zombies.

Movie test option:
Kill 2,000 zombies.

Unlock Boss Mode (a different way):
Type in D0ntn33dm0n3y in the password screen.

Unlock "View Ending" :
Clear Chalenge Mode (defeat all the bosses on all the tables) to unlock View Ending. You can now watch the ending and credits at any time!





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