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Men in Black- The Series

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Men in Black- The Series

Crave / 0000-00-00


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The scum of the universe continue to park themselves on Earth, and before you can say, "Did that guy have three eyes, six arms, and a ray gun?" an out-of-this-world crime has been committed. As a Men in Black agent, it's your job to stop those pesky aliens. Armed with an advanced freezer gun, noisy cricket, grenade launcher, and other futuristic weaponry, players battle an array of enemy aliens across New York and even into outer space.

Play as Agent J or K and use their signature weapons. Nine weapons freeze, fry, and blast the baddies off the face of this beautiful blue planet. Tools of the trade include night vision goggles and alien visualization equipment. Special effects such as zero gravity, slippery ice, and wind tunnels keep the action true to the movie's story line. And following the credo "Know thine enemy," you can search an MIB database to determine friend from foe.

Challenge your skills in eight different levels and at such locations as the Statue of Liberty, MIB headquarters, and an alien spaceship. Or you can link up to a friend's Game Boy Advance to go head-to-head.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Episode passwords

1 MIB Headquarters
Does not require a password

2 Forest Landing site
FCHTRMNS 3 Alien Technology Lab
HSDSHSBS 4 Rocket Silo
MXNMSNNG 5 MIB Safehouse
THXBXSCK 6 Halloween In Manhattan
NNTNDWNY 7. Ending






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