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Medabots AX: Metabee Version

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Medabots AX: Metabee Version

Natsume / 2002-09-29


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Game Details

Every four years the greatest Medafighters around the world come together for the World Robattle Tournament. Join Ikki and Metabee as they take on the toughest Medafighters and their Medabots to prove who is the best of the best! But beware…rumor has it the menacing band of crooks known as the Rubberobo Gang is out to steal the prize!

Team work and strategy are key. Completely customize your pair of Medabots for action—Win and you’ll earn rare and valuable Medaparts. Lose and your Medabots might be scrapped. Every combination of Medaparts and Medals will make your Medabot act and function differently! Once you have mastered all the competition, take on your friends in 2-Player Robattle Mode and see who is truly the greatest Medafighter in the world!

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2007-01-31 00:00:00

New Medabot: Beat The Medabot Tournament then the rubber robos will come and steal the new bot. beat them all to get the medabot. i forget what its called or who uses it but its abillies are similar to metabee's but much more powerful and his head attack is a laser similar to the toadalizer's laser attack but again... much more powerful. also i wanna tell ya my ultimate metabot team so you can get better at this game.

Female Medabot
Head: Holy Helm
Left Arm: Light Jab
Right Arm: Light Blow
Legs: Quick Alert

Male Medabot
Head: Prominence
Left Arm: Ignition
Right Arm: Explode
Legs: FireWorks

The Partner is actually the medabot you get from the tournament i mentioned earlier if you recognize him let me know who he is plz :]


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Rubberobo Gang

After defeating everyone in the Medabot tournament, wait until the credits end. You will see someone robbing your trophy. After the short intermission, the Rubberobo Gang will can be challenged at the normal places you usually battle (Forest, Factory, etc.). Although you cannot defeat them completely, you can get Medaparts. After you beat all the challengers in the tournament, the Rubberobo Gang will steal your prize. You will then get to fight various Rubberobo members at all locations on the map. There are certain areas on the map that contain the four Rubberobo Captains (Squidguts, Gillgirl, Shrimplips, and Seaslug). You will fact them in that order. Seaslug uses the Ultimate Medabot, Mega-Emperor. Mega-Emperor is has extremely high firepower and armor. Make sure you have a very strong team.


After finishing the tournament, face the Rubberobos. It takes skill and practice to defeat them, especially Seaslug. However, with the missile head, shoot accurately and it will be a one-hit kill. After defeating the Rubberobos, open your tournament prize for Arcbeetle, the Medabot Space Fighter X uses. The Prominence (head part attack) is only valid twice per battle. Although limited in number, it makes up in power.

Easy wins

During a Robattle, jump to a top corner and hold Down to charge your special. When full, press Select close to your opponent to do serious damage. Repeat if necessary.

Avoid giving up Medaparts

Whenever you lose a battle and you have to give up one of your Medaparts, hold A + B + Start + Select to reset the game, thus not registering your Medapart loss.


In either version of the game, have your character use either the Red Tail or the Wanafly Legs. Jump in the air in any stage and tap Up(2) to fly across the level in a straight line. Press Down(2) go in a slight downward direction.






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