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Namco / 2004-09-16

Action / Adventure

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Its your mission to stop a war or to start one? Follow your orders and get your enemy in the crosshairs in kill.switch.Your targets arent going to go down easy. Youll need to take cover almost as often as you take aim. Based on the PC game of the same name kill.switch has six levels in exotic locales like the Middle East and North Korea.* Six levels* 3-D environments* Unlockable extended gameplay modes* You can rotate your view 360 degrees with ease simply by pressing L to rotate left and R to rotate right. Aiming and moving in cover and blind- fire modes is tricky though.* To gain the 3-D effect some detail gets sacrificed. Usually this is no problem but occasionally youll have a tough time recognizing an object. You move from area to area to engage a new group of enemies. Youll conveniently find crates for cover and barrels to help you pull off big explosions.* Locking the enemy in your crosshairs signified by your crosshairs turning red doesnt guarantee a direct hit. The accuracy depends on the weapon of choice. A shotgun will normally provide a kill on the first shot. If you have an automatic rifle your shots are relatively inaccurate even if your aim is true.* When engaging the enemy you can stay in the open or look for cover. In cover you can either shoot wildly (blind fire) or step out aim and shoot. In blind fire youre hiding behind a crate and shooting wildly in the general direction of an enemy. It wont be accurate but the more you shoot the better your chance of hitting a target. You can also step out for an aimed shot and then swiftly return into cover. The longer youre exposed the more likely that youll take damage.

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