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Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius

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Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius

THQ / 2001-12-12

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

Jimmy Neutron has gotten himself into a whole new dimension of trouble! Jimmy's latest invention warps him into a parallel dimension switching places with his evil alter ego - Jimmy Negatron! With Jimmy Negatron Running loose in Retroville, Jimmy Neutron will need all of his inventions to restore his town back to normal!


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Reply #2

2004-05-16 00:00:00

can you give me the cheats/codes no later than in about 5 to 15 mintues

Reply #1

2004-01-06 00:00:00

I just need passwords to get to different levels on Jimmy Neutron Jet Fusion GameBoy Advance SP. I can't find them anywhere!

Rachel Smith

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Easy difficulty:

Level - Password:
Asteroids - WM5DR5H3MCLB
Yokian Moon - KVZQG3Q50LZG
Yolkus - 51867F7MJ5YP
Yokian Palace - MMS-KXBVC4FS
Dungeon - N?+94T1?DJXW
Poutra - 939BSYT41N0Z
King Goobot - BD5VVRDF3GXV
End - 3L!VPH26V7$8

Hard difficulty:

Level - Password:
Asteroids - 2040YL61TT0T
Yokian Moon - GGP6WCC273-3
Yolkus - 2H?-!L81TT0K
Yokian Palace - +R6H!L91TT0F
Dungeon - 456N$DWBWM?F
Poutra - XZ16F2F8NS$!
King Goobot - GRZB87HNYFR2





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