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Jackie Chan Adventures

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Jackie Chan Adventures

Activision / 2001-11-06

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

Jackie Chan, globetrotting archaeologist, enjoys a break from his travels while tending to his Uncle's antique shop. One day, a very large and rude customer demands, "Magic Scrolls," and one destroyed antique shop later, Jackie's break time is over!

What are these Scrolls, and why are they so important? Jackie must embark on a journey across the world to find out, and he better hurry! For if he doesn't, the mysterious Scrolls just might end up in the evil clutches of the "Dark Hand!" unique power for Jackie to use in his quest to defeat the sinister Dark Hand.

Fight the bad guys and solve puzzles as Jackie Chan, along with the help of characters from the hit TV show. Do your own stunts, like spin kicks and running up walls. Plus, unleash amazing martial arts skills across 10 levels of action. Try out 3 levels of difficulty and use items around you, like umbrellas and chairs, to defend yourself.

Time to prove that you're the Chan!

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Every stage and scroll
At the black screen that says "Press Start", hold down "R" and tap B, A, Left, Down, Up, Right, and choose your level and scrolls.





Jackie Chan Adventures s0 Jackie Chan Adventures s1 Jackie Chan Adventures s2 Jackie Chan Adventures s3

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