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High Heat Major League Baseball 2002

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High Heat Major League Baseball 2002

3DO / 2001-09-16

Sports / Sports - Baseball

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Game Details

High Heat Major League Baseball 2002 accommodates you whether you prefer to play a single game, an entire season with playoffs, or just want to whack the ball out of the park in home run derby. All 30 major league baseball teams and ballparks are represented, with the actual updated 2001 teams and player rosters. There are five modes of play: batting practice, exhibition, season, playoffs, and home run derby. You can strike out batters with multiple pitch types, and use the auto-fielding option for easy play.


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Choose your hit:
When batting, there are five ways to hit the baseball.
Grounder: Press Down + B.
Homerun (sometimes): Press Up + B.
Left Field: Press Left + B.
Right Field: Press Right + B.
Random Hit: Press B.
Glitch: Double play after a walk:
Sometimes when a batter walks, he will stay at home plate and not go to first base. You (or the CPU) can make a double play if the next batter pops out.

Hidden pitches:
When pitching you are normally only able to choose from a "fastball" and a "split". Hold Left, then rotate the D-pad clockwise and press B to unlock the rest of the pitches.





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