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Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi: Kaznapped

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Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi: Kaznapped

D3 Publisher of America / 2005-11-21


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What do you get when you take two real-life Japanese pop stars and animate them? A Happy Fun Rock Band Cartoon Invasion! Cartoon Network’s hit show is making its debut on Game Boy Advance. Play as either Ami or Yumi as they travel the globe, searching for their annoying Number One Fan, Harmony, who has made off with a bunch of their instruments and their little manager, Kaz!

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2006-11-01 00:00:00

How to defeat Eldwin Blair, Harmony, and Mega-Robo Harmony:

Harmony is the boss to level 6, act 3, which is set in space. To defeat her, you must first defeat Eldwin Blair in level 6, act 2. Blair is weak. (On easy or normal game mode,) just use Yumi's guitar smash or a power jam to defeat him. Harmony (in normal form) is harder. Just use Yumi's guitar smash or a power jam to defeat her. She has some powerful attacks, that you could lose 2 life points on. Don't get caught in her creepy stare, it's her most powerful attack. Jeng-Kang and Tekirai will be there to restore your life force once.

Mega-Robo Harmony:

Mega-Robo Harmony is the hardest boss in the whole game. She is the boss of Level 7, act 3. (Level 7 is set in Japan, and you can only access it by completing the game in normal difficulty mode) Mega-Robo Harmony is invulnerable to almost all attacks from the ground. [Yumi's attacks from the ground] will not hurt her at all. First, use Ami's push attack to push Mega-Robo Harmony to the platform with ladders. Switch to Yumi. Run up the ladders, and attack Mega-Robo Harmony from there.

Ami and Yumi's attacks:

Ami Onuki's attacks:
Microphone Whip, R
Push Attack, B
Power Chord, down + R
Microphone Helicopter, down + R while falling
Switch to Yumi, L + R
Jump, A
Double Jump, B + B
Triple Jump B + B + B

Yumi Yoshimura's attacks:
Punch, B
Punch + kick B+B
Guitar smash, R
Guitar Glide, R while jumping
Jump, A
PKG Combo B + B + B + R


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