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Sierra / 2006-11-14

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

Enter a world of dragons, destiny and epic adventure to fulfill the dragon-rider legacy. The major motion picture from 20th Century Fox in theatres everywhere December 2006.

* Live the Adventure. Experience the authentic Eragon universe in the official game of the 20th Century Fox Film.

* Fulfill your destiny as a Rider. With your dragon ally, experience breathless dragon flight and unleash devastating dragon summon attacks.

* Your foes will crumble under the weight of your thunderous magic attacks, powerful melee combos and ruinous finishing moves.

* Unlikely allies will aid you. A second player can join at any time for true drop-in co-op play with special team attack bonuses.

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Reply #13

2010-06-08 00:00:00

go to the town above terim (narda i think) and heal yourself. then go to the ruins and beat them. keep going up til your past the ruins and theres a indent in the mountain. when u reach this run into that indent into the wall and just keep running until u run into a group of urgals. these guys are somewhat easy to beat and they give you tons of experience.

Reply #12

2009-04-04 00:00:00
this is a great faq which takes you through the whole game. It tells you how to make EVERY potion and what items you get from where. It also tells you the location of the monuments and what to do next use it. it is really helpfull

Reply #11

2009-02-03 00:00:00

How do you defeat the soldiers? You know the bit where you tell the guard the password, and you go look at the boxes, and then soldiers appear...I just cant seem to defeat them..Brom is at lvl 38..Saphira is at lvl 45..and Eragon is at lvl 31.

Skulblaka shur`tugal
Reply #10

2008-10-26 00:00:00

The focus point thing with Murtagh doesn't work with Brom. Just to let you people know.

Reply #9

2008-07-10 00:00:00

When you fight the Ra'zac with Eragon and Murtagh, equip Murtagh with brom's focus points(all of them!), save, restart, and you can equip 15 more focus points! do this until Murtagh is at the level you want him at!
I always do:
P.S. you should do this!!!

Reply #8

2008-07-10 00:00:00

entering Du Weldenvarden:
when you leave the empire, head north then west you will find the du weldenvarden forest.
to go into the caves, enter du weldenvarden, head all the way north you will see 2 blinky thingies on the ground they are faolin and glenwings bodies press (A) on 1 and then you can go into the caves.
P.S. this is why you should use my 1st post 'cause there's a lvl. 100 crate and lvl.100 tracks

Reply #7

2007-12-11 00:00:00

can anyone beat my eragon level 189 MARTAUGH 194 and my Shapharia is 120 (u cant get Saphira any higher) Arya 123 and angelena only 79. Also train in magic my eragon has only lvl 89 magic and in Terim outside Angelenas house theres a magic book lv 76 for silveer rain my eragon can take out the top enemies at the end of th game in only 2 shots and arya lvl 100 magic in 1.

Reply #6

2007-06-25 00:00:00

Listen to me before you go and do something totally idiotic like the others tell you. Do not go to find the Razac right off the back, so do not even get jumpy when you get Brom to go and find the Razac at Dras Leona. It will only get you killed quickly.Once you get Angela the Herbalist from Teirm go out of Teirm go and defeat as many ruins as possible but stay away from Galatorix or Durza and this includes Urubean and Gil'ead. Go to Du WeldenVarden after that where you can slaughter Urgals for a little while. After that go and fight in the Hadarac desert until you get to lv.74 or so and then go to Dras Leona and confront the Razac. then focus Murtagh's skills up to 30 on attack and all the rest on hunting and then after words go and find all the hunting items you can as well as breaking boxes with Endurance, and getting herbs for potions and getting major Magic skill with Eragon for he will need it the most. When Brom dies you automatically have acess to go back to Carvhall with Murtagh and Shapira. After doing some serious training go and return to the right path and go to the Varden in the Beor Mountains with Zarrok in Eragon's hand, Ayra, Shapira and Murtagh by his side as well to where you will be tested by the twins. Do not use Magic during the fight against the Twins cause they will find out which spells you are using and will use them against you. Then you fight Ayra which is really no problem cause you do not have to win either against the Twins or Ayra. But then there is the battle of Farthen Dur where you have to kill 6 Urgal Guardians and then go to Tronjheim where you fight Durza around 3 to 5 times. either of them you do not have to win to defeat him cause he will die either way. and there you will have beaten the game as i have. Go and have some fun.

Reply #5

2007-01-27 00:00:00

These are glitchs that I'm not exactlly sure how to do, but they works. If you use a sliding stone, poison oil and red oil, (switch stone could work too) on Zar'Roc (or any other sword that Eagon uses that uses one stone and two oils (Eragon is the only one I know it works for)) when Eragon (or if you can get another charator to get it, that charactor) attacks, sometimes the other charactors will start to flicker, and if you can get a charector to have regain (other then Saphira and Brom) by using an epodic stamp or white oil on an item and equip it, you may notice that when you retreat, a red number may apear over one or two of the charactors, and instead of loseing that ammount, they gain it (pretty awsome). Well have fun with these. ;)

Reply #4

2007-01-12 00:00:00

well, first of all, im not even sure if the cheat works, and second of all, you can NEVER play as the razac, ive beaten the game ( its a long game) and even got eragons hunting level to 100, fairly, if there are any REAL cheats, please dont hesitate to post them


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