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Double Dragon Advance

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Double Dragon Advance

Atlus Software / 2003-11-03


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Features include: All new game modes created specifically for this enhanced version, including a 2 player cooperative move, vs. mode, and a 1 player mode where you can control both Lee brothers. Double Dragon Dojo Survival mode will let you test your skills against an unending number of enemies. Play alone or with a friend. Includes never before seen stages containing all new enemies and boss characters. All new fighting techniques such as the dash punch, rising knee, and wall jump allow you to gain the upper hand. Pick up deadly new weapons such an nunchucks and escrima sticks to even the odds against Willy's thugs!

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2010-02-09 00:00:00

to use jimmy ( the blonde one ) go into 1p double dragon and hit select then wait until billy ( kind of obvios which one he is ) gets a game over if you hit select and become billy while he is dead and hit start you will revive him again


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