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Doom II

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Doom II

Activision / 2002-10-28

Shooter / First Person Shooter

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Game Details

Back at last. After days of hard fighting in space, you've returned home on well-earned leave. You stopped an alien invasion on Mars, saved the base, and became a war hero.

Back home now, millions of miles away from the bloody, gore-ridden underworld, your pod lands with a crunch. You open 'er up, and look out. Damn! The city ahead is on fire!

The invaders are all over. Billions are dead. Some people have been transformed into flesh-eating mutants. Others have built enormous ships to carry the remaining people into space, safely away from the ruined world.

Unfortunately, Earth's only ground spaceport has just been taken over by the demons. They've instituted a sort of force field over the port; no ships can land or take off. You must go back into action.

Battle gruesome demons across all of the original DOOM II® levels! Shred 'em with plasma rifles and all the other deadly weapons from the PC classic! Going toe-to-claw or toe-to-toe in multiplayer gives you two more ways to go to Hell!

Only you -- and your awesome array of deadly weapons -- stand between hope and horror.

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