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Astro Boy: Omega Factor

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Astro Boy: Omega Factor

Sega / 2004-08-17

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

Metro City is a disaster zone and it's Astro to the rescue! This young robot with human emotions is small but mighty with six incredible super powers. If he can muscle through the massive plasma-oozing power plant, he's in for more trouble with swarms of pesky hammer-swinging bats - and that's not all. It is up to Astro to bridge the gap between humans and robots, so, Astro must quickly develop his human traits or his "Omega Factor." There are over 50 Tezuka characters, including Atlas, Dr. O'Shay, Zoran, and Dr. Tenma, that help Astro understand tenderness, justice, evil, and above all, courage, as he journeys through the futuristic city, Cruciform Island, and other out of this world locations.

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