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Advance Wars

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Advance Wars

Nintendo / 2001-09-10

Strategy / Turn Based Strategy

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Don't be deceived by the manga style graphics and easy-to-learn game play-- Advance Wars is a deep and complex strategy game that has created a big stir in Japan, where they take their strategy games very seriously. In fact, games in the "Wars" series from Nintendo have appeared there on Game Boy and Super Famicom. Advance Wars is the first taste most North American gamers will have of the series, and the game is a virtual smorgasboard for strategy fans of all levels of ability.

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2004-12-05 00:00:00

How to unlock a preview of advance wars 2!

First, Beat campain 3 times. Then, beat all 20 war rooms. now,reset the game. beat campain mode,and use MAX For misson 4, but beat it in 3 days,(its Hard!!!!!) now,buy the map star island. now,hold b for 8 sec.

Jose dick

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

New Play Modes
After beating all the field training missions, you unlock the War Room, Campaign, Design Maps, and Stats options.

Hard Mode
Hold select when choosing Campaign mode to play advanced mode.

New C.O.s
After beating the Campaign mode, you can purchase additional CO's.

Clear Data
To erase all saved game data the easy way, turn on your Game Boy Advance and press and hold right, L and Select at the same time. Be careful that you don't accidentally delete your data, though.

Special Intel
After you have finished the Field Training missions (and in the course opened up the War Room, Campaign, Design Maps and Stats features), go back into Field Training. A very short tutorial called Special Intel is now available that gives you extra gameplay tips.





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