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Acclaim / 2002-05-14


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Dr. Buc Ooze first came to the world's attention many years ago. His controversial research into animal shaping had gone too far, transforming creatures into unnatural forms (or - reducing animals to a fraction of their former size). Over the years, Ooze grew careless, and the misshapen menagerie he discarded drew attention to his evil plot.

Work began on the ZooCube - a machine specifically designed to reverse Ooze's scientific process and restore the animals to their natural state. When the mutated creatures enter the ZooCube behind another of their kind, the shaping effects are neutralized and the animals return to normal.

Your mission: rescue the animals transformed by the Doctor's hideous experiments. Use the ZooCube to collect them from around the globe and make them whole again.

Good luck with your mission - the future of the natural world is relying on you!


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Ending bonuses
Successfully complete the Pacific Ocean level on the classic difficulty setting to unlock the gold difficulty setting and the Gulf Of Mexico bonus level. Successfully complete the Pacific Ocean level on the gold difficulty setting to unlock the platinum difficulty setting the gold difficulty for the Gulf Of Mexico level.





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