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Acclaim / 2003-02-11

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

Behold Astara, a world that had known peace for a thousand years. Once war-like, their science now surpassed even the awesome prowess with which they once waged war. Their wisdom reached its apex and its end with the monumental construction of the Landspire. More than just a marvel of architecture, the Landspire was a vast machine designed to draw power from Astara itself and open a doorway allowing the Astani to travel through the dimensions.

Instead, the gate was opened to a dark and terrible plane, the Shadow Realm. From it poured a nightmare horde, twisted and evil, drawn by hunger for the very energy that powered the rift. Unprepared, countless Astani were destroyed in the first wave but the survivors banded together and waged war against the Shadow Minions. Though outnumbered and with their world shattered, the Astani warriors held back the enemy for months. But they could not repel the Shadow Horde driven by their cruel and cunning Master... the Shadow Wraith... the Dark Yabu.


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Hint - Medium Super Move
Vexx can do a slower, more powerful version of his 3-hit combo. By pressing attack at a slower pace, and holding it on the last blow, Vexx does a moderately powerful uppercut that refills more of his special meter. Use R to use the super move at the right time!






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