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Urban Freestyle Street Soccer

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Urban Freestyle Street Soccer

Acclaim / 2004-01-27

Sports / Sports - Soccer


Game Details

Freestyle Street Soccer takes place in a gritty, urban environment focusing on 10 individual gangs, all based on the different styles, fashions and cultures found in the concrete Jungle. These teams fiercely compete for each other's turf with the ultimate goal to gain control of the whole city ... by any means possible.

It's also just as important to look as cool as you can while trying to get the ball in the back of the net, as it's as much about respect as it is the final score.

Featuring an amazing and mind blowing skills and ticks system as well as a "dark-side" list of moves, Freestyle Street Soccer is the ultimate arcade experience, opening the underground culture, lifestyle and appeal of the sport to a mass market audience in a game that will re-define the soccer category for ever.

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