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Sims Bustin Out, The

Electronic Arts / 2003-12-16


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Game Details

The Sims are making a big return to the console and this time they are bustin’ out of the house and exploring all-new locations around town. In The Sims™ Bustin’ Out, players can choose from a variety of new career paths. Along the way, players can unlock and collect over a hundred of new objects and social moves exclusive to the console. Play, work, and socialize with a cast of over 25 new outrageous characters and climb through a dozen new careers. The Sims Bustin’ Out also features new integrated two-player gameplay and memory card support, for those players who like to take their Sims over to a friend’s house and show them off.

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Reply #57

2010-02-21 00:00:00

i just got married on free play and the girl i married had 3 kids and i had 2 already now i have 5 kids 2 jobs and alot of crying

Reply #56

2009-03-07 00:00:00

howwwwww do u get the gnome in free play ???????? write back ASAP!!!!!

Reply #55

2008-11-13 00:00:00

i have tried every gnome cheat i can find and i dont see it poppin up anywhere??
i dont know wt else to try or what im doing wrong someone help.. im roight now playing on the bustin out mode..and i need money and to get my goals livin at that gym place idont know if that helps... and i am using game cube...
some one please help me

Reply #54

2008-10-25 00:00:00

okay well this is'nt really a cheat its a help thing but anyways, buy alot of stuff and then wait till your budget is under 100$. wait about an hour [ sim hour ] then you should get a phone call giving u money. keep on doing that and doing that then once u have boughten about 100 items you should have maybe about 30,000 $ or so i havent boughten 100 items yet though but you should have alot of money but buy all the expensive stuff.

Reply #53

2008-10-25 00:00:00

how do u make your sim have a baby in free play?

Reply #52

2008-08-13 00:00:00

how do you get money on free play on sims bustin' out gamecube

Reply #51

2008-07-29 00:00:00

need help to put the cheat gnome for gamecube help

Reply #50

2008-05-01 00:00:00

Anyone that has a gamecube that's looking for a raise motives cheat, try: down,R,left,X,down

Reply #49

2008-03-22 00:00:00

thanx jakie you heped a lot!!!!!!

Reply #48

2008-03-15 00:00:00

i have a gamecube and is there a cheat that works on free play mode for lots of money i have 2 people in a famliy that are realy depressed and i have no money please help

i have a gamecube!!!!!


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