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Resident Evil

Capcom / 2002-04-01

Survival Horror

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Turn out thelights. Lock the doors....Live the Nightmare.

The award-winning survival horror series debuts on Nintendo GameCubeTM system!

Raccoon City. A secluded mountain community, plagued by a storm of vicious attacks, is completely overrun. Mutant beasts, blood-thirsty zombies infest the landscape. You are S.T.A.R.S - Special Tactics and Rescue Squad. Your mission: investigate the ominous mansion at the core of the horrific disaster. Uncover secrets behind a radical, genetic research facility. With unspeakable horrors lurking around every corner, the ultimate test may be just to make it out alive!


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2008-02-19 00:00:00

at some point you have to fight lisa trevor in the cabin just run she has inf health but later on in the game if your playing as jill barry betrays you then lisa comes if you dont give him his gun back then he dies and its harder to beat lisa
to beat lisa you need to pust the 4 statue things of the edge then lisa jumps off sounds easy but lisa kills you in 3 hits so barrys help is use full
if your playing as chris wesker comes to help you but i havent got to that part yet iv only done jills story


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