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Prince of Persia 2: Warrior Within

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Prince of Persia 2: Warrior Within

Ubisoft / 2004-11-30

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

The Old Man said to the Prince, "Your fate has been written. You will die."

Enter the dark underworld of Prince of Persia 2, the sword-slashing sequel to the critically acclaimed Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time™.

Hunted by Dahaka, an immortal incarnation of Fate seeking divine retribution, the Prince embarks upon a path of both carnage and mystery to defy his preordained death. His journey leads to the infernal core of a cursed island stronghold harboring mankind's greatest fears.

Only through grim resolve, bitter defiance and the mastery of deadly new combat arts can the Prince rise to a new level of warriorship - and emerge from this ultimate trial with his life.

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Reply #4

2006-01-07 00:00:00

you can beat the crow guy buy moving up to him wile holding r then press a bb you'll flip over him and strike him repeat this over and over

Reply #3

2005-01-16 00:00:00

all heath b-r-b-r

Reply #2

2005-01-08 00:00:00

Unlock Teddy Bear
One of the miscellaneous secondary weapons is the teddy bear. Locate it after earning the Scorpion Sword in the clock (west) tower. There are three encounters with a giant golem enemy in the clocktower when you initially go through it; the first is before you start negotiating the vertical climbing of the tower (past); the second is atop the clock tower (past); the third is is stationary and throws exploding monsters in the clock tower's second area (past).

Look for the room where the second giant golem enemy is. You will need to be in the present (so find a time portal) and drop into the water-filled dead end past the golem's room. Break the wall and retrieve the teddy bear.

The teddy bear is almost unbreakable and does almost no damage, but has the ability to restore lost life to the Prince with each successful blow on an enemy

ali .d
Reply #1

2004-12-11 00:00:00

Prince of Persia: The Warroir Within, is an amazing game. I love the dual sowrd combat and almost unlimited variety of attacks, the levels are highly detailed and realistic as well as most of the characters. One downfall though, it has to be oneof the hardest games I've ever played. I don't know if it has anything to do with the fact i have it on pc and are not using an analogue controller but it is exteremely difficult!!!


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