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Phantasy Star Online Episode III: C.A.R.D. Revolution

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Phantasy Star Online Episode III: C.A.R.D. Revolution

Sega / 2004-03-02

Role Playing Game

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Game Details

A strangely powerful Photon-like substance found on Planet Ragol has spurred a raging battle between the Hunters and a rebel team called the Arkz. The prized matter known as "The Germ" has unique replicating powers and can be sealed in small playing card-sized packets. Warriors carrying a deck of the sought-after cards can then bring unprecedented amounts of destructive weapons and animals into battle. Fight with the Hero Hunters or on the rebels' Dark Side and stack your decks accordingly. You'll compose several powerful decks from nearly 500 cards featuring fighting moves, weapons, and PSO creatures. Teleport to awe-inspiring battlefields and throw out your best hand against other card-carrying opponents for the ultimate win, lose, or draw battle.

* Battle online opponents or play through the Story in Offline Mode.

* Interact with Hunters from PSO Episode I & II in the lobby.

* Engage in multi-player online or offline battles.

* Strategically combine Action and Assist cards to complete your powerful decks.

* This next chapter in the PSO universe continues the story of PSO Episodes I & II.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Unlock The Dressing Room:
Finish one offline story, and use it once. Then complete the second offline story to permenently unlock it.

Billy Hatcher Preview:
From the title screen, hold G + B on the keyboard.

Unlock Bonus Cards:
Put in a memory card that contains a save game from any other Sonic Team game, and you'll get some bonus cards.

Sonic Team Game: Bonus Cards Unlocked

Sonic Heroes:
Beat, Halloween Rappy, Sonic Knuckle

Billy Hatcher:

Sonic Mega Collection:
Madam's Umbrella

Phantasy Star Online Episodes I & II:
Nano Dragon

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle:

Sonic Adventure DX:






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