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Outlaw Golf

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Outlaw Golf

TDK / 2002-10-29

Sports / Sports - Golf


Game Details

With a hardcore physics engine and a take-no-prisoners attitude, OUTLAW GOLF takes the sport to the extreme. Outrageous courses include the "far from the professional circuit" Newark Municipal Course, where you can enjoy the ear-splitting noise and vibrations from planes taking off at Newark Airport; a very sandy course somewhere in the Nevada desert; and a course built (with much forethought) on a swamp, where caddies are in mortal danger from attacking alligators.

The golfers in OUTLAW GOLF are all rejects from the classier private clubs. There's Doc Digler, with his stripper girlfriends and more malpractice suits than you can shake a club at - talk about hacking and slicing...and we mean in the operating room!; Killer Miller, a "released on a technicality" death row inmate; and a host of other social outcasts from an Eminem wannabe to a street pimp, who happens to have excellent follow-through.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Bigger Ball
During gameplay, hold L and press UP, UP, UP, DOWN.

Smaller Ball
During gameplay, hold L and press DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, UP.

Turn Off Wind
During gameplay, hold L and press UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, X, X.

Unlock Everything
To unlock everything, start a game with the name Golf_Gone_Wild. This will unlock all golfers, courses, and clubs.




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