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MLB Slugfest 2004

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MLB Slugfest 2004

Midway / 2003-03-18

Sports / Sports - Baseball

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Game Details

The top-selling and critically acclaimed MLB SlugFest is back.

MLB SlugFest 20-04 is the first and only aggressive-style baseball videogame franchise, delivering a proprietary blend of hardcore, lightning-fast, adrenaline-style gameplay combined with key baseball features that will please even the most diehard sports fan.


# Exclusive Challenging Adrenaline-Style Gameplay: Turbo running, fielding, batting and throwing. Midway Sports kicks the level up a notch with hard-hitting, gas-throwing, plays-of-the-week caliber fielding to give the player the best possible baseball videogame experience.
# NEW Create-A-Team: Create your own All-Star team by combining your favorite players from both leagues into one powerhouse ball club, then work your way to a World Series championship.
# NEW Customizable Instant Replay: Relive your towering home runs or diving catches with instant replay. You take control of the camera and can view your highlight-quality plays from any angle you desire.
# NEW Home Run Derby: Pit your favorite MLB players in a home run derby and square off against the most feared long ball hitters in the league.
# NEW Pitching “On Fire”: Pitchers in both leagues have the opportunity to get “on fire” by constantly shutting down the offensive team.
# NEW Authentic Batting Stances and Pitching Motion: The batters look and swing like the real MLB batters and the pitchers look and throw like the real MLB pitchers.
# NEW Expanded and Updated Rosters, Schedules, Uniforms and Stadiums
# NEW Fantasy Stadiums and characters
# NEW Music:Featuring Hoobastank’s hit song, “Crawling in the Dark.”
# Unmatched Player Animations: Nine motion capture actors and more than 1,500 player animations in the game. MLB SlugFest has the smoothest running, fielding, batting and pitching animations for a baseball game, ever!
# Revolutionary Player Models and Graphics: Recognized by virtually everyone in the industry as having the most beautiful graphics of any baseball videogame. Players have faces mapped to their exact likeness and every stadium is rendered out to perfection.
# Every MLB Team, plus Fantasy Players: MLB SlugFest 20-04 comes loaded with your favorite MLB players and stadiums from around the league. With more than 10 fantasy stadiums as well as hidden teams and players, MLB SlugFest will keep gamers stepping up to the plate for more.
# The Best Controls and AI: MLB SlugFest is recognized for having the best computer AI and easiest controls to pick up and play.
# Officially Licensed by MLB and MLBPA: Every MLB team is represented as well as your favorite MLB players.


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2007-05-19 00:00:00

0-0-4 right whiffle bat 0-0-4 left mace bat

john moroney

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Cheat List
On the match-up screen, press SQUARE, TRIANGLE and CIRCLE the required amount of times to change the icons on the screen. Then press the D-Pad in the direction indicated to lock in the code. For instance, a code listed as 1-2-1 LEFT will require you to press SQUARE once, TRIANGLE twice and CIRCLE once, then press LEFT to lock in the code.
Big head mode: 2-0-0 RIGHT
Maximum speed: 0-0-3 LEFT
Maximum power: 0-3-0 LEFT
Maximum batting: 3-0-0 LEFT
No fatigue: 3-4-3 UP
No contact mode: 4-3-3 LEFT
Rubber ball: 2-4-2 UP
Small head mode: 2-0-0 LEFT
Softball: 2-4-2 DOWN
Tournament mode: 1-1-1 DOWN
Unlimited turbo: 4-4-4 DOWN

Unlock Videos
To unlock the Season video, complete a full season. To unlock the Challenge video, complete Challenge Mode. Both videos will be available in the Extras section.






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