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Freestyle MetalX

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Freestyle MetalX

Midway / 2003-08-12

Sports / Sports - Extreme

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Game Details

Freestyle Metal X unleashes anarchy with the freedom to do what you want, when you want. Be anti-establishment: break windows, run over people, ride where you normally can’t ride…and get away with it.

With an unlimited stunt system and a lawless energy, Freestyle Metal X dares riders to push the envelope with psychotic tricks in limitless, freestyle environments full of challenges and side events.

Freestyle Metal X doesn’t just cross the line, it eliminates it. A sizable dose of insanity will help you perform stunts on the tops of buildings, get air over the Vegas Strip, or shoot yourself out of a cannon onto the Marina streets.

Be sick all over!


Unlimited Stunt System – Mix and link huge stunt combos that never end to create brand new tricks in real-time: try the Saran Wrap, Cordova, Stripper, Hart Attack and more.
Characters - 16 riders including 9 top pros leading the sport: Clifford “The Flyin’ Hawaiian” Adoptante, Ronnie Faisst, “Mad” Mike Jones, Jeff Tilton, Nate Adams, Doug Parsons, Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg, Trevor Vines and Kris Rourke.
Expansive Worlds - Get lost in eight HUGE levels, which include three to four separate competitions, and special challenges throughout as you move up through the rankings from poser, freestyler, superstar to legend. Competitions include:
- Big Air
- Freestyle
- Race
- Hill Climb
Side Events - Open up the following events as you gain popularity and money in career mode:
- Daredevil Arena – Bus Jumping, Wall of Death, Tunnel of Fire and more!!
Seamless Levels - For the first time ever in a sports game, unlock each area and have them linked together allowing you to drive seamlessly from one level to the next without loading.
Killer Sound track – The best metal you ever rocked to with bands like Motley Crue, Megadeath, Motorhead, Twisted Sister and more


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