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Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

Nintendo / 2005-10-17

Strategy / Role Playing Game

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Game Details

The wildly popular turn-based strategy series takes on a new dimension in its first Nintendo GameCube title!

The continent of Tellius is divided into humans and half-man/half-beast demi-humans. These two races have battled for centuries and only recently established an uneasy peace. Now, a new force threatens to tear apart the seven kingdoms and reignite the flames of war! Joining the Fire Emblem ranks are new units, such as such as the shape-shifting laguz who transform into beasts to attack their foes. Additionally, characters can now learn unique skills as they gain experience, giving players even more ways to customize their strategy. With the addition of beautifully animated cut scenes and 3-D battles, Fire Emblem looks and plays better than ever.

Check back for more information on this game as the release date approaches.

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Reply #24

2010-10-26 00:00:00

When you get the option to hire Volke, DO IT. After you pay Volke(after hired) he tells Ike a deep and important story about his (Ike's) father and the medallion that Mist carries. After this he becomes an ASSASIN. Cool. An assasin is like a theif but stronger and faster.
Not a very good fighter but excellent theif.

I don't know what happens if you don't hire him. If anyone knows that, tell me.

Speaking of theives:
Pay attention to Sothe. In the sequel (Radiant Dawn) for Wii you can load data from Path of Radiance to the game. I ignored Sothe for the whole game of Path of Radiance because I never used him and when I loaded the data he got NOTHING. NO BONUSES. Sothe is pretty good already though in Radiant Dawn.

Anyway, I ADORE FIRE EMBLEM! That is why I posted.

Reply #23

2010-04-06 00:00:00


my OPINION of the three generals.

Gatrie: Gatrie joins at a point where no damage will come to him. Ever. Unless you get the bright idea that he should face a mage or some pirate that's the boss of the stage. He doesn't have any speed. He's like Bowser; slow but Incredibly powerful. WILL max defense, WILL max strength, and gets a good deal of HP. He'll hardly take any damage or not take damage at all if you dont make him fight Warriors, Berserkers or mages/sages/bishops/, and laguz. Dragons, specifically.

Brom: Brom is in my opinion the best general in the game. He maxes defense and strength no problem, but even gets more skill and speed and might even max skill. Yeah, none of that stuff protects against mages, but with the crappy movement of knights/generals, most magic users will be dead by then anyway. Unless it's long rage magic. Stupid cowards. A sleep staff won't matter, he'll get hit for sure. It doesn't lower defense, so dont worry about it. Save some arms scrolls so he can use swords well.

Tauroneo: Depending on what you have, Tauroneo is either a great general, or far outclassed by Brom and Gatrie. I once gave him a lot of stuff, like energy drops,seraph robes, etc. and even the Boots and an occult scroll. To sum it up, he maxed Defense, Strength, and skill. The boots made him move far to reach people. Even mages struggled to hurt this guy.His avo was at 60. However, that was with boosters. A normal Tauroneo probably won't max anything, but he's still great to have in a battle, because he's still a general. A general with incredible weapon levels. That can make him the bane of all swordmasters and axe-users. This is what he'll do that's not an option for Brom or Gatrie. If an axe user attacks him and he has a sword equipped, There's about a 50%(at least) chance of dodge.

Reply #22

2009-06-11 00:00:00

Now here is a Swordsmaster you DON'T want to pass up, Stefan. If you still have Lethe and/or Mordecai, move them up to a space in the top right corner. It may take a few tries to find the right space, but it is above that plain. Stefan comes at a time where some of your units will be starting to class change, but Stefan is a level 8 already class changed Swordsmaster. He has High strength, and comes with the sword vague katti. This sword not only raises your defense 3 points, but it also has a HIGH chance of critical hit. Stefan can cut right through enemy lines with ease using that weapon. His dodging ability is great when you first get him, but later on his nearly non existent luck starts to give him some trouble dodging. Anyway, Stefan is a great unit.

Lone Blade
Reply #21

2009-06-11 00:00:00

Here is a sum of the Swordmasters,laguz,and Halberdiers..

Naesala: What? This doublecrossing two timing backstabbing... Joins your team? Uh...yep, in the last level. He was built to dodge and kill and do other stuff like that. HE IS THE ONLY LAGUZ THAT CAN ATTACK IN HUMAN FORM, with Vortex. Givehim spiritual dust and he will be a very great unit.

Tibarn: The hawk king. You see a small glimpse of his power in Day Breaks part 4. Yet when he comes back in the last level YOU control all that power. He is very versatile, he has good dodge, defense, skill, (man, you gotta love cancel) and strength and, um...everything else, except magic, but Naesala needs magic. Alot of people recomend getting him, but I like to use...

Giffca: My favorite hero to call. He has again, good dodge, but better defense and a strength power that leaves EVERYONE else in this ENTIRE GAME in the dust. He will cut thru dragons like mad. He does 15 damage to Ashnard.

Muarim: Yep, the boss on level 15 is yours to keep, too. You may have noticed thedemi band on him, keeping him in laguz form BUT lowering his stats. Oh well, you know. He gets to stay in laguz form, and he get so good he can still dominate without much trouble. There are better candidates for the demi band tho, I'll tell them later.

Mordecai: The other tiger, some of his stats will be better than Muarim's but ultimataley I think Muarim is better. He comes early and he will own like crazy. He doesn't even take much damage in human form at the beginning, but later His strength and defense are still great, but that speed kills him, and he gets double attacked all the time.

Ranulf: Ranulf is like a SLIGHTLY weaker Mordecai than can dodge and double attack. Ranulf is a very good unit, and leveling him up will not be a bad idea, actually, its a great idea. He is a great unit to use.

Lethe: Hm... I'm not sure what to say about lethe. She's pretty good, and she is a Better dodger than most other laguz. She can double attak, too

Ena: Ahh a dragon. She's what you get for not defeating the black knight but WHO CARES. It doesn't really matter, because both Ena and Nasir are VERY good units and have the great stats of a dragon. You cant go wrong with giving Ena the demi band, the dragon stats are so high that if eyou lower them a bit it dont really matter.

Nasir: Another dragon. Woo. You get him if you do beat the Black Knight, but he's basically a waste of effort because Ena and him are about the same person anyway, except Nasir is white and in my opinion looks cooler.


Stefan: Read post #21

Zihark: I liked to use Zihark, because he is sturdy and swift. He has better defense and luck than Stefan (duh everyone has better luck than stefan) but has lower strength and that kills him, or more so prevents him from killing as much. Somehow, he isn't as good of a dodger, either.

Lucia: Well, Lucia is good, dodges alot, and has OK strength and using those silver swords that wont weigh her down help. Of the female Swordmasters, I find Lucia to be better.

Mia: Think of Astrid: A good dodger who has low defense and strength and is screwed if an enemy attacks with something that has an advantage. Mia is basically and unmounted Astrid, plain and simple.


Nephenee: A farm girl and prisoner, you might take one look at Nephenee and think: Why would anyone imprision this cute little helpless farm girl? Helpless shouldn't be in that statement at all, and cute, well, that depends on what YOU think. Well, down to business. NEPHENEE ROCKS. Nephenee can dodge, has high well rounded stats. Also, she can double attack on about everyone.

Devdan: The halberdier dude. You might think, why the heck would this funny green haired guy be doing with a lance and armor? Well...there are a lot of funny looking people on this game: Pink afro Makalov, blue hair Ike, Kimaarsi ( the general on level 16)'s smirk and nerdy blonde combed hair, Emil, the old man halberdier boss with sunken cheeks... WELL you get it. But this funny looking man isn't being funny in battle. On one file I used him as a halberdier instead of Nephenee and He is also great. And for some reason, he gets a lot of magic...what? What kinda plants does he hang around anyway?

Lone Blade
Reply #20

2009-06-10 00:00:00

Sorry about that. Now I have my full opinion of the paladins.

1. Oscar is plain old best. In the beginning, Titania is the paladin of wonder, but when Oscar starts catching up to her he just pwns. Good strength, defense, and I also found oscar to be able to dodge King Ashnard in the last level, but Oscar cant do any damage to him. Oscarr works well with bows.

2. Titania is definately second. She is your main paladin early in the game, but later in the game you may wonder why she isn't as good. Titania will be better earlier than later, but Titania will ALWAYS be some awesome unit. Good resistance, too.

3. Geoffrey is like a horseback general. His defense maxes at 29, 1 point lower than a generals, and expect it to be maxed, too. He has good strength and dodging ability, and what he doesn't dodge he wont take much damage from. He would be first IF he didn't come so late.

4. Astrid, the wimpy level 1 bow knight, can be good as a paladin. She dodges abit more than Titania, But that low defense will screw you if Astrid doesn't dodge. Her defense and strength are lacking, so she pretty much has to rely on her dodge. She is better with axes because of her low strength

5. Makalov, Marcia's bro. Astrid beats him for being easier to raise, though you probably will find Makalov better. He dodges about the same as Titania, which is good, but his higher strength leaves Astrid in the dust. He starts out with swords, but making use lances when he becomes a paladin is a good choice. He has more well rounded stats than the other pallies, but at a slightly lower level.

6.Ah, Kieran. Oscar's self proclaimed rival. He should just give up though, because Oscar is about so much better than him it's not even funny. He is the Strength dominator. His ability, gamble, will be abit more useful if you have him use swords, which have higher hit than axes. He can dodge okay, but not enough to rely on, and then his mediocre defense kicks in and, BAM, you're screwed just like that. Like i mentioned, He's uses swords well.

Please note: These are just opinions and all the units listed are good. Your ideas may differ from these.

Lone Blade
Reply #19

2009-02-10 00:00:00

Dear post 10,
yes you are partially right, u must talk to him with rolf, and then kill him with ike, BUT, he must be the last one you kill. so heres a strategy. move gatrie to his line of fire, then shve him into the corner. keep him in the corner until he is the last enemie left, this way you dont get hit. then talk with rolf and kill with ike and he should join. altthought, rolf turns out to be a way better sniper. hopes this helps

Reply #18

2009-02-10 00:00:00

poster 15,
ike goes through an upgrade at the beggining of chapter 18, he is upgraded to lord

Reply #17

2008-08-30 00:00:00

You may have noticed Paladins can be really great units. I will rank my opinion from 1 to 5.

1. Oscar. He may start as a wimpy lance knight, but he eventually bests Titania.

2. Titania. The best unit PERIOD until past chapter 17. No one defeats Titania, but on the other hand...

3. Geoffrey. He may not be as good as Titania or Oscar, but his defense is great when you first get him.

4. Keiran. Basically, Titania with lowered stats.

5. Mackalov. ??? I never got him I didn't dnow you could.

Note if you have Gatrie and Brom on the front lines, Gatrie is the wall and Brom is the catapult.

Lone Blade
Reply #16

2008-08-30 00:00:00

You may have noticed Paladins can be really great units. I will rank my opinion from 1 to 5.

1. Oscar. He may start as a wimpy lance knight, but he eventually bests Titania.

2. Titania. The best unit PERIOD until past chapter 17. No one defeats Titania, but on the other hand...

3. Geoffrey. He may not be as good as Titania or Oscar, but his defense is great when you first get him.

4. Keiran. Basically, Titania with lowered stats.

5. Mackalov. ??? I never got him I didn't dnow you could.

Note if you have Gatrie and Brom on the front lines, Gatrie is the wall and Brom is the catapult.

Lone Blade
Reply #15

2008-06-05 00:00:00

Okay when you start the game the people are really crappy. But the people can be awesome later in the game. Oscar becomes a paladin, like Titania. Boyd becomes a warrior. When you get to the prison stage, RESCUE BROM!!!! He becomes a general at class change and is impervious to most attacks. Kieran becomes a paladin, and if you still have Oscar an Titania, they might be one. Nephenee is okay, but you have to give her experience points and she is great. Muarim can be good, especially in times you need a clean-up hitter. I do not think Ike undergoes a class change because my Ike is at level 20.


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