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Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

SquareSoft / 2004-02-09

Role Playing Game

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Game Details

Seek the water of life.

Long ago, miasma swallowed the world. Its very touch was fatal, and it claimed many lives. But we have since discovered a way to hold it at bay.

Crystals protect us from miasma. Smaller crystals now guard the villages of the world, while greater ones guard the cities. We all live our lives within the embrace of the crystals' blessing.

The power of the crystals is not limitless, however; it gradually diminishes over time. We must rekindle the crystals' radiance each year by purifying them with myrrh. In turn, they protect us from the miasma for another year.

But myrrh cannot be found just anywhere. We must seek it in the dank depths of dungeons, across forbidding mountains, even beyond the sea.

This task falls to groups of young men and women sent off each year by every town the world over. It is their duty to collect myrrh and bring it home. They are known as the crystal caravans.

This is the tale of one such caravan and its adventures.

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Reply #9

2006-12-30 00:00:00

To get the rings, go to certain places =P.

Fire: Mount Kilanda
Blizzard: Veo lu sluice (or however you spell it)
Thunder: Selepation Cave
Cure: Conall Curach
Life: Selepation Cave (third visit)

Reply #8

2006-05-12 00:00:00

Get the masters weapon
To get the most powerful weapon, go to your 3rd year and creat a new guy. Enter Mushroom Forest and get as far as where the master's entrance is and you will see a cactus like monster, defeat it and it will either drop mythril or a design of the master weapon. If it doesn't then whatever
it drops, sell it for money to buy one of three things, mythrill, alloy, or the design. Once you have all three and some money, (about 1000gil) You'll have a new guy (or continue with one already made) with the ultimate weapon.

Reply #7

2005-11-24 00:00:00

extra gil

go to your own house after every year and your parents will give you money

Reply #6

2004-11-22 00:00:00

if your lam enuff to com hear than the codes are ]hold b and prss a right c left c a} to it for free coins

brandontt bit
Reply #5

2004-10-30 00:00:00

Go to Mushroom Forest. Kill the monkey dude with the tail on the back of his head and You will get a Pheonex Down then exit to world map and reapeat as much as you like

Reply #4

2004-08-03 00:00:00

when you go to leuda on lynari isle you can bounce on the net trampoline only if you are a male or female selkie. to jump press the buttons the kids tell you to. A - normal jump B - normal jump AA - type of flip BB - type of flip

you can win prizes but it's way to hard to even get a piece of iron so don't think you'll be winning a lot of good stuff

Reply #3

2004-04-28 00:00:00

If you go to Veo lu sluice (That watery place nere Shebe, the yukes' town) while the water is dried up (year5-7) you can get the ring of blizzard, which allows you to cast blizzard any where! You can also get the ring of fire at mount Kilanda (If you play one player, cut the moogles hair. The poor dude will burn in the heat if you know what I mean.)

(I like parenthesis, can't you tell?)

Reply #2

2004-04-28 00:00:00

If you go to Lueda, a town on a sandy island, don't talk to any of the villagers unless you want to get robbed. If your one of the seilkie clan, or have only 100 gil, your safe from theft.
Each silkie that you talk to in that town takes about 100 gil.

Reply #1

2004-04-28 00:00:00

Be carefull when fighting the giant crab during the third time at, umm.. port tipa I think. (I'm to lazy to check, so laugh at me all you want. You'll know what I'm talkin about if you've been there, AND YOU SHOULD! It's the first place you go to to fight. OH! Look who's laughing now. Huh? HUH?) Anywho, the giant pain in the but will cast thundaga spells, which really stinks. Equip yourself with thunder resistant stuff. It may seem easy (the crab I meen) at firs, but once you crack it's giant horn, your basically shocked.


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