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Disneys Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse

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Disneys Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse

Nintendo / 2002-08-11


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Game Details

One night, a mischievous ghost traps a sleep-walking Mickey Mouse in a magical mirror. Stuck in an alternate universe that strangely resembles his own house, Mickey yearns to get back through the mirror to his bed and sweet dreams. Returning won't be easy, though: Mickey must first recover the broken mirror pieces that have been strewn about the house by the prankish poltergeist.

Just as in an authentic Mickey cartoon, you will have to outwit enemies and pull gags. Charm and grand humor ensue when Mickey controls some of the most amazing toys you've ever seen -- as does the trouble-making ghost.

You will also be able to uncover special souvenirs, such as Pluto's collar or Minnie's bow, which are all displayed in Mickey's room at the end of the game. Simple puzzles foster problem-solving skills.

Mickey is highly expressive, reacting emotionally to what you do and what he encounters. He may express curiosity, get mad, fall down, run away or stand his ground.

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