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Burnout 2

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Burnout 2

Acclaim / 2003-04-10

Sports / Sports - Racing

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Game Details

Burnout 2: Point of Impact is the follow-up to the original smash hit with improved graphics, faster gameplay, and bigger, more spectacular crashes.

Nintendo GameCube(tm) fans can leave their sanity at the starting grid and prepare for the white-knuckle ride of their life. The GameCube(tm) version of Burnout 2 boasts major improvements and is all set to take pole position as the best driving game on the console, taking the genre to a new level, with stunning graphics, white-knuckle foot-to-the-floor gameplay and improved crash-scene carnage!

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Cheat mode
After unlocking any cheat you will get the cheat mode at the options screen.

Speed boost
Just after it counts down at the start of a race, when it says "1" do a tyre burn by hitting square then X.

Unlimited boost
Finish all pursuits to unlock permanent boost mode.

Face-off mode
Complete all races in championship mode with all gold medals.

Complete the Grand Prix Championships with all gold medals to get this mode in the cheats menu.

Unlock 2 Player Pursuit mode
Defeat pursuit #3.

Unlock gangster vehicle
Complete pursuit #3.

Unlock hot rod
Complete face-off #1.

Unlock I Can't Drive 55 song
Earn three Burnouts in the same lap.

Unlock all cars and tracks
Load a saved game from the first Burnout game that has free mode enabled.

Unlock classic-style car
Complete pursuit #2.

Unlock cop car
Complete pursuit #1.

Unlock Driver's Ed car
Complete 'driving 101' with all gold medals.





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