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Baten Kaitos Origins

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Baten Kaitos Origins

Nintendo / 2006-09-25

Role Playing Game

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Game Details

Discover the origins of the Baten Kaitos universe in this fantastic prequel to Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Oceans.

Two years ago, Namco surprised RPG fans with its stunning adventure of spiriters, dark gods, and island kingdoms. Now, the game's talented designers have returned to Baten Kaitos with a prequel exploring themes of corruption and betrayal amid the mysteries behind Geldoblame's rise to power, the death of an emperor, the birth of machina, and the return of the oceans.

At center stage is Sagi, a young spiriter from Hasseleh, bent on revenge for the destruction wreaked on his homeland by Emperor Olgan. But, as with any good adventure, Sagi's designs go awry, and his quest becomes greater than he could ever imagine.

To aid him on his adventure is the silver-tongued android, Guillo. Where Sagi brings steel to the game, Guillo brings magic. Rounding out the party is Milliarde, a powerful fighter armed with twin morning stars.

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