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Unknown / 2000-07-25

Strategy / Real Time Strategy

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Game Details

Warlocked is a fantasy real-time strategy (RTS) game that focuses on resource collecting, unit building, exploring, and battling between two bitter rivals: humans and beasts. Gamers can choose to play on one side or the other, each housing a dozen missions, numerous subplots, unique units, and different personalities.

We enjoyed how simply Warlocked uses the Game Boy Color's interface of four arrow keys and two buttons to do everything. RTS games typically rely heavily on savvy mouse maneuvering, and we feared the gameplay would be very difficult on the small Game Boy Color screen. Thankfully, its not, and the game scores better for it.

The basic gameplay involves mining gold and chopping down wood to create new buildings and units, as well as creating an army of warriors and archers to do your dirty work. If there are too many people and not enough houses, your town hall will be unable to produce more men until there are adequate quarters for them to sleep in. Likewise, if there's not enough wood to make archers, you may be stuck creating more sword-wielding grunts.

Wizards can be found and protected, then added to your arsenal. Each of the 20 different kinds of magicians features its own unique skill. While some may be able to launch fireballs, cause earthquakes or summon lightning storms, others may make enemies fall asleep, cause deadly plagues, or convert enemy fighters over to your side.

Mission objectives themselves vary greatly. From rescuing a princess, finding treasure chests, riding a dragon out of its lair, escorting an important member of royalty to safety, or destroying a village, it's rare to see such variety in any game these days, much less a portable one!

Warlocked has only one glaring problem: pathfinding artificial intelligence (AI). In many cases, when you're instructing your troops or worker to go somewhere, the little warriors will get stuck behind objects or tangled in groups.

The good news that comes out of this AI problem is the strong multiplayer mode. That's right--with the optional Game Link cable, two Warlockedgamers can be (forgive the pun, we couldn't resist!) locked in war with each other. In fact, during the single-player game, it's possible to unlock special multiplayer maps (eight in all). This head-to-head option proved to be the most fun game mode of all.

Fans of the bigger, badder RTS games such as WarCraft and Age of Empires will find much to love here. Don't be thrown off by the Game Boy guise--you just might get hooked! --Todd Mowatt

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Wide variety in gameplay
  • Fun head-to-head option
  • Poor pathfinding artificial intelligence often makes for bumbling troops

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Infinite Gold 01FFB9C7-----01FFBAC7

Infinite Fuel 01FFBBC7-----01FFBCC7





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