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Tom Clancys Rainbow Six

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Tom Clancys Rainbow Six

Ubisoft / 2000-03-31

Shooter / First Person Shooter


Game Details

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six comes to the Game Boy Color! Based on a story developed by Clancy, this game's compelling mix of action and story has already been praised by critics and consumers. In the game, players lead an elite multinational task force that aims to fight international terrorism. Gameplay is organized around a series of missions in which you plan and execute precise assaults on terrorist installations. As your mission advances, you will uncover a larger and more sinister conspiracy, where the fate of the world hangs in the balance. And unlike other games, if you make a mistake, you're gone-- because in the real world, one shot counts.

To carry out a mission, the player must lead a crack team of skilled specialists through a planned operation using an overhead model of the target area. Once satisfied with their strategy, the player then takes charge of the assault. Rainbow Six creates the best of both strategy- and team-oriented action gameplay. With 14 different missions in real world locations, the variety of gameplay is extensive. So carefully select your team and even more carefully, conceive your plan. Remember, one shot kills and if you die, the game isn't over... the world is.


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