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Street Fighter Alpha

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Street Fighter Alpha

Capcom / 2000-01-01


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Game Details

For players looking for a bite-sized version of the best fighting-game series, there is none better than Street Fighter Alpha for Game Boy Color. This miniaturized, full-color game brings eight characters to the arena, with famous Street Fighter characters Ken, Ryu, and Chun Li joining the fold.
The graphics are colorful and more detailed than you would expect from a Game Boy game; the characters in their signature costumes are especially well drawn and animated. Varied fighting environments also reflect the geographic locations of the battle, including Hong Kong and Tibet.
Street Fighter Alpha's gameplay, which is surprisingly solid considering the Game Boy only has two buttons, is fairly fluid. (The original game required six buttons for basic control and special moves.) Speaking of special moves, Street Fighter Alpha has plenty. With the right button and control combination, you'll master Ryu's dragon punch and other dangerous stunts. There are even supercombos you can discover--if you are up for the challenge. --Robb Guido
  • Great miniaturization, from graphics to control, of the famous arcade fighter game
  • Moves are more limited than in bigger version


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