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Quest for Camelot

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Quest for Camelot

Titus Games / 2000-01-01

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

This dynamic game is based on the Warner Bros. animated feature length film 'Quest For Camelot'. There are nine worlds and over sixty areas to journey through. Your job is to join the Knights of the Round Table and help stop the evil Ruber from overthrowing King Arthur and taking over Camelot. This feature game also allows you to save your progress as well as use the Game Boy Printer to print cinematic scenes.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Full hearts:
Obtain at least thirty jewels. When down to your last heart, save the game, then restart and load that saved game. Your hearts will be restored to full.

Print intermission scenes:
Press Select during an intermission scene to print it on a Game Boy Printer.





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