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Pro Pool

Codemasters / 2000-01-01



Game Details

Pro Pool is a virtual pool hall where you can play a variety of billiards variations including eight ball, nine ball, and three ball in four different play modes: the two-player head-to-head match and the single-player modes of straight, speed pool, and hustle. In speed pool, the object is to sink all the balls as quickly as possible, while in hustle mode you play as a pool shark, placing bets to win money and moving from place to place until you score the ultimate prize: a pool hall of your own.

Pro Pool features 64 computer opponents and two different tables, standard rectangle and hexagon. Accurate physics account for table and cushion friction as well as ball angles, swerve direction, spin effects, and butt angles. The game's top-down perspective gives you the same variety of shots you would have while playing on a real pool table as well as the ability to alter the power of your shots. Pro Pool also has a shot-save feature that allows you to put the game down anytime and pick up where you left off later. Just try finding a real pool table that can do that!

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