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Prince Of Persia

Red Orb / 2000-01-01

Action / Adventure


Game Details

Travel back to 12th Century Persia & experience the addictive gameplay that set the standard for intense action & adventure. To save your beloved Princess, you must battle ever more skillful swordsmen & survive a world loaded with death traps.


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2004-12-30 00:00:00

The second time you fight the griffin you will only do 9 damage a hit.Right before you fight the griffin there are 2 ways to go,up or down.If you go down you find one of those rocks that shoot fireballs.He will seem impossible to defeat because when you reflect his fireballs he will dodge them by going up.You will be able to defeat him using the scroll you receive AFTER defeating the griffin.But if you destroy him BEFORE killing the griffin you will have a stronger sword.You will get a stronger sword either way you do it,before or after,but this way you will get to kill the griffin easier.To destroy the fireball rock before fighting the griffin get as far back as you can without falling of the edge and reflect his fireballs he will come back down before the fireball goes under him and get hit.Do this three times to destroy him.Once he is destroyed you should now do 16 damage instead of 9 damage.You will not get a new sword,but you now do more damage.Enjoy.

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2004-12-14 00:00:00

Fun as hell game but how do you get past level 3?

hot 1

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Level     Password  
2         06769075  
3         28611065  
4         92117015  
5         87019105  
6         46308135  
7         65903195  
8         70914195  
9         68813685  
10        01414654  
11        32710744  
12        26614774  
Final     98119464  
End       89012414  




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