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Pokemon Pinball

Nintendo / 1999-06-06


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Game Details

The earth-shaking Pokemon phenonmenon has a whole new identity as it couples with classic pinball action. The first Game Pak with a rumble feature from Nintendo. Entire Game Boy unit shakes as players knock a Poke Ball around the screen. Elements that created the Pokemon craze are incorporated into a pinball game; the pinball is a Poke Ball; and Boltorb and Shellder are bumpers. A whole new way to collect Pokemon-playing pinball. Features a Blue field and a Red field; players must play both to collect all 150 Pokemon-just like the Red and Blue Pokemon Game Boy games. Hit targets with the Poke Ball to collect and evolve Pokemon. Shoot the Poke Ball into Bellsprout's mouth to start the "Catch 'em" Mode. As players become more skilled, rare and hard-to-find Pokemon appear. Every Pokemon is automatically recorded in the Pokedex. Find the bonus stages to rack up a high score and upgrade the Poke Ball to a Great Ball, Ultra Ball or Master Ball to achieve even higher scores. Print out high scores with the Game Boy Printer.

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It Says how in the cheat codes hints section.

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Please help contribute to our Pokemon Pinball cheat codes page by submitting your own cheats, hints, strategies, glitches, faqs, walkthroughs and other content related to this game.


Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Faster ball upgrade
Press Left to move the light when the Pokeball hits the first three lights at the top. It can also be moved by pressing A.

Moving Pokemon in Pokedex
Select an unevolved or basic Pokemon, then press Start to watch it move in the Pokedex. Note: This trick only works when the game is played in a Game Boy Color system.

Pokedex record
Enter the Pokedex and press Select to view how many Pokemon have been obtained and seen.

Bonus levels
Bonus levels are unlocked by capturing three Pokemon in the same location without getting a "Game Over" screen or changing to a different location before returning. If this is accomplished a hole marked "Go To Bonus" will appear. Enter the hole to reach the bonus level. The Red pinball machine has a Diglett's Cave bonus level, and the and blue pinball machine has a Meowth's House bonus level.

Mew is a bonus character that is worth a lot of points. In red, go to the Digglett, Gengar, and Mewtwo stages twice. In blue, go to Meowth, Seel, Mewtwo stages twice. Go to Indigo Plateau in map mode. Then go into a get mode to have a 6% chance of Mew appearing. Hit Mew with the Pokeball for the bonus points.
Note: This trick requires a Game Shark cartridge. Enter 919679D5 as a GameShark code and leave the GameShark cartridge off. Start a game and get into a catch 'em mode. Proceed to catch the Pokemon, and when the four "Catch!" lights are lit, get ready to turn on the GameShark.
Hit the Pokemon again, and as soon as the ball hits, turn on the Gameshark.
A message stating that Mew was caught will appear at the bottom of the screen. Save the game and check the Pokedex. Mew should be there. Return to the game and try to evolve Mew. It does not matter if you are successful, but your Pokedex will return to normal. If you do not, when you press Select to see how many Pokemon have been caught, 151/150 will appear (if you have all other Pokemon).

View program code
Note: This trick requires a Game Shark cartridge. Start the game with the Game Shark and enter the Pokedex screen. Then, press the reset button on the top of the Game Shark to briefly see programmer information about the Pokemon.

Secret Mewtwo bonus stage
Complete both bonus stages in the machine that you are playing. In red field, clear the Digglett and Gengar stages. In blue field, clear Meowth and Seel stages. Then when you catch three more Pokemon or get a chance for another slot, you can reach the Secret Mewtwo bonus stage.
Once in the stage, hit Mewtwo as much as possible. If he is hit enough times, he will stop creating the balls. When this happens, you can hit him three more times to clear the stage. However, do not do this, since it will start the cycle over again. By leaving the Mewtwo stage uncleared, you may keep returning to it and get higher scores.

Evolve Pokemon in the red field
Shoot the Pokeball through the left outside loop. Each time it passes through the loop, one evolution arrow will light. When all three arrows are lit, shoot the ball into the Evolution cave. Then, choose the Pokemon to be evolved.

Evolve Pokemon in the blue field
Shoot the Pokeball through the left loop. Each time the Pokeball passes through the loop, one evolution arrow will light. When all three arrows are lit, shoot your ball into Slowpoke's mouth. Then, choose the Pokemon to be evolved.

Easier way to evolve Pokemon
After entering evolution mode, quickly hit the buttons with the flashing arrows next to them. Do not try to raise Pikachu's lightning meter. The "Ball Saver" will stay lit for awhile. During this time, after hitting a button with a flashing arrow, allow the ball to move below the flippers. After the ball is launched, if the item you are looking for is near the top, you will have a good chance of getting it. Note: If this is attempted, always make sure that the "Ball Saver" is not going to run out.

Special Evolution bonus
Enter evolution mode. Then get the menu and select a Pokemon that has a star. Go through the entire evolution process. After the Pokemon evolves, a special evolution bonus worth 10,000,000 will be awarded.

Double Cave bonus
Light up the letters C, A, V, and E to unlock the Cave bonus, but do not enter. Light up the same letters again, then enter the Cave to collect double the amount of points.

Easy 10 million point bonus
Upgrade your Pokeball all the way to a Masterball by turning on all the lights on the top half of a board. Then, try to upgrade it one more time.
This is much easier than having to evolve a Pokemon with a star next to its name.

Easy Pokemon capture
Hit a Voltorb or Shellder, then hold A or B when their shadows appear.

Finding rare Pokemon
On the third ball, light up all the "GET" lights and enter the hole. This will increase the chance that rare Pokemon will appear.

Finding Pokemon
Each Pokemon has a particular location where they like to hide:

Red field

Pallet Town: Charmander, Rattata, Nidoran (M), and Poliwag

Viridan Forest: Weedle, Pidgey, and Pikachu

Pewter City: Spearow, Jigglypuff, Ekans, and Magikarp

Cerulean City: Oddish, Mankey, Jynx, and Abra

Vermilion City Seaside: Shellder, Krabby, Ekans, and Farfetch'd

Rock Mountain: Voltorbe, Diglett, and MrMime

Lavender Town: Gastly, Magnemite, Cubone, Electabuzz, and Zapdos

Cycling Road: Spearow, Doduo, Lickitung, and Snorlax

Safari Zone: Paras, Rhyhorn, and Chansey

Seafoam Islands: Horsea, Staryu, Seel, and Articuno

Cinnabar Island: Ponyta, Growlithe, Omanyte, and Kabuto

Indigo Plateau: Machop, Onix, and Ditto
Blue field

Viridan City: Squirtle, Nidoran (M), and Bulbasaur

Viridian Forest: Caterpie, Rattata, and Pikachu

Mt Moon: Zubat, Paras, and Clefairy

Cerulean City: Bellsprout, Meowth, Jynx, and Abra

Vermilion City Streets: Shellder, Krabby, Farfetch'd, and Sandshrew

Rock Mountain: Diglet, Voltorbe, and MrMime

Celadon City: Mankey, Meowth, Eevee, and Porygon

Fuchsia City: Magikarp, Goldeen, Kangashan, and Exeggcute

Safari Zone: Doduo, Nidoran (F), and Chansey

Saffron City: Ekans, Sandshrew, Hitmonchan, and Hitmonlee

Cinnabar Island: Ponyta, Koffing, Aerodactyl, and Magmar

Indingo Plateau: Geodude, Ditto, Moltres, and Mewtwo

Gain 500,000,000+ Points
Light up C,A,V,E. Do not go into it yet but get a master balls. Then enter the hole and it will be the secret Mew bonous stage. I have tried this cheat and i garuntee it works.





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