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Pocket Bomberman

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Pocket Bomberman

SVG Distribution / 1998-11-01


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Now you can take all the fun and excitement of the worlds favorite party video game with you where ever you go! Bomberman Pocket provides gamers with hours of puzzle intensive action. Blast your opponents back to the stone age with out being caught up in the middle of a fire fight. Save the world or blow up a small chunk of it trying!


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

All power-ups:
Enter 5656 as a password.

Boss mode:
Enter 9437 as a password to start at full power and fight only the Bosses.

Ocean level with all items:
Enter 4622 as a password.

Start with All Power-ups
Enter the password 4622 at the password screen to begin the game with all of the power-ups.
[Submitted by:DaWobblinGoblin]

Single human multiplayer
Enter the password 5656 at the password screen to play multiplayer as single human.
[Submitted by:DaWobblinGoblin]





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