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Perfect Dark

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Perfect Dark

Nintendo / 2000-08-29

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

Ever wonder where the daring, beautiful Joanna Dark came from? Thanks to Perfect Dark for the Game Boy Color, you can now find out. Not merely a port of the advanced Nintendo 64 sibling, but rather its prequel, players here will first meet the lovely Ms. Dark while she's completing her training at the Carrington Institute. After that, she's off to South America to investigate an illegal cyborg factory and finds herself in a vortex of conspiracy and intrigue.

The game will take you through seven missions designed exclusively for the Game Boy, incorporating puzzles and minigames among the shoot-to-kill action. And speaking of action, the makers have included a two-player deathmatch mode that's played against a friend's copy of the game via the separately sold Game Link cable. As if that weren't enough, you can use the separately sold Transfer Pak to share information with your N64 version of Perfect Dark too.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Gameshark Codes:

Infinite Health 012530c0
Infinite Ammo First Person 010fe6ff
Infinite Health First Person View 012500d9 -- 012580d7
Infinite Shotgun Ammo 010f52db -- 010f10db
Spider Boss 1 Hit Kill! 010054d5
Infinite 6-YYY Ammo 010f10db
Infinite Falcon 2 Ammo 010f04db

Transfer Pak Cheats
Use your Gameboy version of Perfect Dark to unlock four cheats on your N64 version of Perfect Dark. Use a Transfer Pak and download your information from the Gameboy version to the N64 version. This will make four cheats available.
You'll unlock:
Cloaking Device
Hurricane Fists
All Guns in Solo mode






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