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Mary-Kate and Ashley: Winners Circle

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Mary-Kate and Ashley: Winners Circle

Acclaim / 2001-03-05

Sports / Sports - Racing

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Game Details

MARY-KATE AND ASHLEY: Winners Circle for the Game Boy Color is a unique racing title that pits players against a plethora of obstacles while riding horseback. There are four different horses to choose from, each with a distinct look and style. Each horse has varying statistics for speed, jumping, and handling, requiring the player to make a careful choice to find the horse best-fitted to their racing style. Before riding you can also alter the clothing of the athlete to something of your choosing, then watch the changed sprite during gameplay. There are two modes of play: the first is a Training mode that lets you practice the controls and the course for the real competitions, and the second is the Steeplechase mode, where the real challenges lie. In this mode you must race through a course without being stopped by any of the many obstacles strewn about. MARY-KATE AND ASHLEY: Winners Circle is meant for young gamers, as the theme and graphics are sure to be loved by those looking for a light and exciting adventure.

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