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Lufia: The Legend Returns

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Lufia: The Legend Returns

Natsume / 2001-09-20

Role Playing Game

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Game Details

After puzzling RPG fanatics on the Super NES, the Lufia series is now coming to Game Boy Color. The screen may be smaller, but the adventure is every bit as big—and challenging.

Developed and published by Natsume, Lufia: The Legend Returns is a deep RPG with a complex fighting system and traditional Good vs. Evil storyline. Controlling a young swordsman named Wain, players must travel to Doom Island to neutralize the threat of evil Sinistrals. Along the way, you'll meet plenty of other adventurers. Eventually, your party can contain nine warriors.

Organize your party carefully, because the arrangement of your party members plays a large role in the battle sequences. You can only fight with three characters at a time, but if you're attacked from the side or from behind the lead members of your party may be watching from the sidelines. The actual battles are turn-based, and filled with all the spells, weapons and special items that RPG fans love.

What really makes this game cool is its unusual mapping system. Each time you walk into a dungeon or a cave, the map randomly regenerates. You could walk through the same dungeon over and over again and never see the same map twice!

Lufia: The Legend Returns suffers slightly from lethargic walking controls, but overall Natsume's third Lufia epic is a success. The gameplay is challenging, the worlds are huge and the party setup system provides an innovative twist. If you're an RPG fan, Natsume's latest Lufia epic is one game you'll want to keep near the top of your Item Bag.

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