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Legend of the River King 2

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Legend of the River King 2

Natsume / 2001-04-18

Sports / Sports - Hunting & Fishing

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Game Details

Return to the unusual RPG or fishing hybrid world of the River King in LEGEND OF THE RIVER KING 2 for Game Boy Color. You'll once again assume the role of a young fisherman trying to catch the ultimate fish. Along the way, you'll have to progress through several all-new areas, each loaded with their own unique fish, plants, and animals. You can fish in rivers and lakes on your search for more than 60 different types of fish. Dive into the water to gather up plants, insects, and other useful items and collect different lures and baits to catch better fish. If the fish aren't biting, travel to other locales but be wary of animal attacks the fish you are carrying will look awfully tasty to them. If you are attacked, you'll have to fend them off in an RPG-style battle system. You can even link up with other LEGEND OF THE RIVER KING 2 players or HARVEST MOON 2 players to trade fish, plants, and other items.

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