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Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

Nintendo / 2001-05-13

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

Since the Legend of Zelda was released for the original NES in 1987, the Zelda series has earned a reputation for delivering innovative action-packed gameplay mixed with engrossing storylines and unforgettable characters. The latest two games in this series, The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages for Game Boy Color, build on this excellent reputation and add even more mind-bending gameplay elements to the mix.

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Reply #6

2008-06-30 00:00:00

In Zelda Oracle of Seasons, I suspect there is a secret room in all the dungeons.

1. In Hero's cave, go one screen to the right from the entrance, and one screen down. Then you will be at a room with 4 blocks. Push the top left one to the left and a secret passage will appear. You will get a gasha seed.

2. In the Ruins, I think you go one screen up, then two screens to the right, and somewhere near the center of the bottom wall you should hear a sound that means that that part can be bombed. Then there is a secret room with lots of rupees. (I'm not exactly sure, it could be two screens up...)

3. I don't remember which dungeon, but somewhere in a dungeon before ruins, could be pegasus's, poison moth or snake, think its snake, there is a n arrow made out of blooks pointing to a wall. (I think it's snake). Search aroudn that wall with your sword until you hear the sound that the wall can be bombed. Bomb that part of the wall and you'll get to a secret room full of rupees.

Reply #5

2007-01-12 00:00:00

this cheat is the trading of items

get this from the dr. at the right of the ember tree
light the torches and he will give u the cucodex.

2.lon lon egg
give the cucodex to maple her house is 2 pages on the right of the gnarled root dungeon were the party is.Go up.

3.ghastly doll
bump maple while the egg is with u she will give u tha doll.

4.iron pot
give the doll to mrs rull in her house.Her house is in the north horon go down were the place u met ricky(find his gloves first)then go left.

5.lava soup
go in the chef's kitchen in subrosia.give him the iron pot and he'll give u lava soup.

6.goron vase
Give the lava soup to giant goron and he will fell better and give u goron vase.
go to sunken city find ingo's house,talk to him and he will give u a fish for the vase.

go to the man that getting his cat down from the tree give him the fish his cat will go down and tha megaphone is yours.

you need the spring in this cheat.go to mount cucco and change the season to spring get a ride from the big flower and go to the cave and you will a guy sleeping use the megaphone then get mushroom and a treaure cheast!

10.wooden bird
visit syrup in sunken city change the season to winter first(she's on the spooky tree above)give her the mushroom to complete her potion and she will give you the wooden bird.

11.engine grease
go to horon village and vist the clockshop and talk to the man.

12 phonograph
take the engine grease to the windmill talk to the man. item
once you have the phonograph,go to trmruins and to lost woods.then play the phonograph for music-loving deku shrub and he will give u instruction to get the noble sword(lv.2) then go to west in winter,west in fall,west in spring and west in summer the statue awaits.

Reply #4

2007-01-12 00:00:00

this is my idol game and this is a hint for the trading system.

1. Cuccodex
Get this from Dr. Left after you light his torch for him.

2. Lon Lon Egg
Give the Cuccodex to Malon on the north end of Horon Village. She'll give you the Lon Lon Egg.

3. Ghastly Doll
Run into Maple with the Egg in your possession and she'll give you the Ghastly Doll.

4. Iron Pot
Take the Ghastly Doll to the mayor's wife Mrs. Ruul. She will give you an Iron Pot.

5. Lava Soup
Go into the Chef's Kitchen in Subrosia. Give him the Iron Pot and he'll give you Lava Soup.

6. Goron Vase
Give the Lava Soup to the giant Goron atop Goron Mountain in order to get the Goron Vase.

7. Fish
Go to Sunken City and find Ingo's house. Show him the Goron Vase and he'll zonk you a Fish.

8. Megaphone
Take the Fish to the area near Eyeglass Lake. Here, you'll meet an old man trying to get his cat out of the tree. Use the Fish to get the cat down and the man will give you a Megaphone.

9. Mushroom
Go to Mount Cucco and change the season to spring, then use the flower to get up to the high ledge. Go into the cave entrance and wake the sleeping guy inside with your Megaphone. This is Talon. He'll give you a Mushroom.

10. Wooden Bird
Visit Syrup. She'll see the Mushroom and complete her Potion. For your help, she'll hook you up with a Wooden Bird.

11. Engine Grease
Go back to Horon Village and go to the clock shop. Give the Wooden Bird to the clockmaker, and he'll give you the Engine Grease.

12. Phonograph
Take the Engine Grease to the Windmill. Go to the top of the mill and talk to the man here. He'll take your Grease and give you a Phonograph. Great trade!

Final Item
Once you have the Phonograph, go through the Tarm Ruins to the Lost Woods. Play the Phonograph for the music-loving Deku Scrub and he'll give you instructions on how to get the Noble Sword. Move to the stump to the left and change the season to Winter. Head west in the Winter, west in the Autumn, west in the Spring and west in the Summer. You'll end up at a secret location, where you'll receive the Noble Sword.

Reply #3

2007-01-12 00:00:00

i really love this game too

oh to beat the wizard ghost that become three attack the one with the shadow

Reply #2

2007-01-12 00:00:00

how to beat the mini boss and bosses

1.the 2 goblins
just attack them but watch out for there boomerang

this is a huge green dragon,to beat it attack its horn his attacks is firing 3 fire ball and a charge

his an ugly face at the floor,throw bombs on him to kill him.When u ran out of bombs ataack his spider minions,he fires fire ball,makes minions and form into holes run like a crazy man in this attack

He is a trcky dinosaur.he can open his mouth and shoot fireballs and charge beat him when he open his mouth throw a bomb inside his mouth.He become a baloon throw him to the spikes bed with the bracelet.repeat 5 times.

this is an easy mini boss just light the torches but they disappear.He become 3 Agahnim just attack the one that has a shadow.

Gohma is a big bad crab/spider this boss is fast once you get near him he will grab you.He has i big claw on his left body and he has a big eye in the middle,attack his claw until it breaks.Then the second fight is he's really faster and release minions when it open its eyes throw it anything you have at the slingshot.Some of his minions drop hearts.

This is a wild kitty that tries to squish you.He is a sabertooth lion or something and has a ball on the tip of his tail.To beat him,when he stop being a spiky cat attack the ball on is tail.repaeat several times to beat him.if you did you will a fairy and the portal!

he just can be killed using the magnetic gloves.
his only attack is to jump over you,there is a spiked ball in the upper corner.when you squish him a bunch he will be seperated to 5 squsih them too then tanananthe fifth essence!

thats all i still know

Reply #1

2007-01-05 00:00:00

my favorite zelda game! was of the best games ever! i beat it but it took a long time!

A few tips!!!

>>>at the begining u must talk to all of the people at the party before u may advance

Enjoy! it is one of the best games in the world!!!


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